Bell introduces 8 Gigabit fibre connection in Toronto

Bell's Gigabit 8.0 is now available starting at $135/month

Last month, Bell announced that it will be rolling out its 8Gbps symmetrical internet fibre connection in September, and now the carrier is delivering.

The Quebec-based network announced today that it is rolling out its Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 “with North America’s fastest Internet speeds,” in Toronto.

The new 8 Gigabit connection offers symmetrical download and upload speeds in eligible areas in Toronto. “Bell pure fibre Internet Gigabit 8.0 Internet speeds deliver download speeds five times faster than cable technology and upload speeds 250 times faster than cable technology,” wrote Bell in its news release. “These gigabit speeds are the fastest available on the market today among major Internet service providers (ISPs) in North America.”

The company says it is now looking to expand the new Gigabit 8.0 to more regions and expand its fibre network to reach up to 900,000 more homes and businesses across much of Canada this year.

In addition to the new speed plan, Bell is also introducing its Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E, which is available to customers throughout Ontario and Québec. The Gigabit 8.0 plan includes the new Giga Hub, though the hub can also work with Bell’s older plans, allowing multiple devices to connect to the 6 GHz and use the internet at once without congestion, which is great for dense network environments like offices.

Bell’s Gigabit 8.0 is available starting at $135/month. Learn more about the plan here.

Bell’s 8Gbps symmetrical download and upload speed plan come roughly half a month after Rogers launched its Wi-Fi 6E modem and 8Gbps symmetrical speed plan. Learn more about Rogers’ offering here.

Image credit: Bell

Source: Bell