Google files with FCC for mysterious ‘wireless’ device

Amazon also seems to have filed an updated version of its Echo Studio smart speaker

FCC filings often indicate what companies might have in store when it comes to future products.

As reported by The Verge, a recent Google FCC filing reveals a mysterious product described as a “Wireless device” that’s battery-powered and offers no AC connection, though it can be powered via USB. The available information isn’t enough to deduce what the product might be. However, 9to5Google suggests that it could be a Nest device that uses 3.65V rechargeable batteries.

According to a recent leak, Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro would launch on October 13th, with pre-orders going live on October 6th. This means that Google will likely host an event around those dates, and that is when we might hear more about the wireless device in question.

Amazon, on the other hand, seems to be developing a new version of the Echo Studio smart speaker. The FCC filing describes the product as a “Digital Media Receiver,” with an AC power cable and a Zigbee radio. It’s worth noting that the filing wasn’t done under the name of Amazon, and rather under the name of a shell company called Flake LLC. Flake LLC has a different filling for a “Digital Media Receiver” that seems to be the Echo Studio, which somewhat proves that it is one of Amazon’s shell companies.

The only difference between the old Echo Studio speaker and the new one seems to be the addition of a different MediaTek wireless chip. It’s unclear why Amazon is making such a minuscule change to the product, though chip supply issues could be a probable cause.

Check out the Google FCC listing here, and you can find Amazon’s FCC listing here.

Via: The Verge Source: FCC, (1)

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