Epic Games’ Ukraine fundraising effort raised $144 million across two weeks

Epic Games pledged to donate all proceeds from Fortnite across two weeks to humanitarian efforts

Today marks the end of Epic Games’ fundraising initiative for Ukraine within Fortnite. Between March 20th and April 3rd, the publisher raised $144 million USD (about $179 million CAD) in proceeds to donate to humanitarian efforts. This fundraiser began in a response to the ongoing conflicts between Ukraine and Russia.

As Fortnite kicked off its most recent season, Epic Games announced that the total of all in-game purchases made across two weeks will be donated to Ukraine relief efforts. As the two-week period of the charity concludes, Epic Games will begin donating the full $144 million.

Rather than donate the accumulative amount to a single group, Epic Games is donating to a series of different Ukraine relief efforts. These include Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Food Programme.

Given the anticipation of Fornite Chapter 3 Season 2, the game saw a staggering $36 million raised during its first day. The new season introduced beloved character skins for Doctor Strange as well as Prowler. A brand new mode where the building is removed was initially tested and is now a permanent mode for the battle royale.

The momentum hardly waivered with players all contributing to the grand total but purchasing V-bucks for in-game skins and accessories. Epic Games confirms that V-bucks and cosmetic purchases from retail cards are donated to Ukraine efforts as well.

In addition to Epic Games, Microsoft has pledged to donate its net proceeds. All purchases of Fortnite content on the Microsoft Store over the last two weeks are also being donated.

Epic Games joins a growing list of companies striving to contribute to Ukraine relief funds. Riot Games, Humble Bundle, and more have raised money for charity.

Source: Epic Via: The Verge

Image credit: Epic Games

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