HTC is working on a high-end ‘metaverse’ smartphone

From blockchain to metaverse, HTC is still trying to release smartphones

In 2018, HTC sold most of its smartphone business to Google but didn’t officially give up on selling handsets. Previously, the company has released blockchain smartphones like Exodus 1, but now the phone-maker is pivoting to the “metaverse.”

HTC told DigiTimes at MWC 2022 this week about its plans to launch a high-end metaverse phone.

Additionally, the company showed off a demo of an animated virtual world that it calls Viverse, according to Cher Wang the chairwoman of a virtual reality maker HTC. Wang said that it would be a safe and secure environment for kids and adults alike.

The metaverse is a broad term that refers to shared virtual world environments which people can access through the internet. These virtual terms are made more lifelike via virtual and augmented reality. HTC has its own lineup of virtual reality headsets under the Vive brand, so it already has a foot in the game in a sense.

The handset is set to launch later this April.

Source: Digitimes Via: Venturebeat, XDA Developers

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