Rogers deals could get you an iPhone 12 mini for $2/mo or even $0/mo financing

The $0/mo financing option requires a trade-in of an iPhone XR

Rogers has some decent iPhone 12 mini deals going on right now if you’re in the market for a new iPhone and don’t want to spring for a 13 series.

First, RedFlagDeals user ‘redflagmat’ posted that he received an “exclusive” offer via the MyRogers app for an iPhone 12 mini at $2.08 monthly financing using the carrier’s Upfront Edge program (spotted by iPhoneInCanada). $2.08 over two years works out to $49.92.

As for the Upfront Edge portion, the program works by discounting the monthly financing cost of a phone if customers agree to return the device after two years or pay back the discounted amount. For the iPhone 12 mini, the Upfront Edge cost works out to $190, which means all-in you’re looking at $239.92, which is frankly an excellent price for an iPhone. Moreover, you could choose to return the device and get a new phone instead, effectively paying about $50 to borrow an iPhone 12 mini for two years.

And for those worried they would have to change their plan to claim this kind of deal, user redflagmat says they didn’t and are on a $55/mo plan with 20GB of data, which isn’t a bad deal at all.

While it’s definitely worth checking your MyRogers app to see if the deal is available for you, it’s also worth noting that Rogers has another offer on the iPhone 12 mini that seems more accessible. On the carrier’s website right now, there’s a promotion to get an iPhone 12 mini 128GB for $0/mo financing when you trade in an iPhone XR (assuming you get the full $360 trade-in credit). Once again, it’s an Upfront Edge deal, but it’s not so bad if you’re not paying anything in financing.

You can learn more about this offer here, or check out the RedFlagDeals post here.

Source: RedFlagDeals, Rogers Via: iPhoneInCanada

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