Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta releasing to some at end of week, Musk claims

If you hit a 100/100 Tesla Safety score, you could get the update

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted that roughly 1,000 people with 100/100 safety scores in their Tesla EVs will start testing the Full Self-Driving beta version 10.2 (FSD 10.2).

Once these drivers receive the update, the rollout will pause for several days so the company can assess its performance. If things go well, the update will start to roll out to other drivers with 99/100 scores and so on.

Tesla released the Safety Score system a few weeks ago when it announced that all newer Tesla owners could request to join the Full Self-Driving beta. They only need to drive cautiously for a week to receive a 100/100 driving safety score to get into the beta.

The FSD 10.2 update includes several more minor fixes, but Musk also mentions that it significantly improves the driving experience. However, even with the Full Self-Driving name, this software is only SAE-level 2 compliment like GM’s recently announced Ultra Cruise.

This means that the car can drive itself in a wide variety of situations but that the driver needs to remain attentive and keep their hands on the wheel for safety reasons.

Source: Elon Musk 

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