Roku’s latest device is a revamped Streaming Stick 4K

Alongside this, Roku is updating its OS

The new Roku Streaming Stick 4K is a revamped Streaming Stick+ from 2018 with a faster processor, better Wi-Fi and a new slimmer design.

Specifically, the device is 30 percent faster, while the Wi-Fi should reach further and connect to faster speeds, says Roku. In terms of picture quality updates, the new stick includes support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, so it’s up to modern standards and can compete with similar devices offered by Apple, Google and Amazon.

This stick also comes with the Roku Voice remote, which means that it will also be a universal remote and can control your TV’s volume and power. Plus, you can hold down a microphone button on the remote to use voice controls to find content quickly. With RokuOS 10.5, you can also search for content from apps and use the mic to type passwords letter-by-letter.

Overall, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K sits at the top of the Roku lineup in Canada in terms of video quality, but it’s not as expensive as the Streambar. The new Streaming Stick 4K costs $70 in Canada. The device will be exclusive to Best Buy until 2022.

RokuOS 10.5

To start off, Roku is updating its mobile app alongside the TV operating system to work better with Bluetooth headphones. In the new update, you can tweak the timing of the audio to reduce the delay between the audio and video. This is a really welcome change for people who listen to their TV quietly at night and it works both manually or by scanning the video with the camera on your phone.

Also, in the app, you can save movies and shows to your watchlist so you can find them quickly when you get back on the TV.

Beyond that, you can now use voice search to find music and podcasts on Roku OS, which is handy when you want lots of people to share the music selection.

The new update will roll out gradually to Roku devices in the coming weeks.

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