Apple has put an end to ‘Space Grey’ iMac Pro accessories

All iMac Pro accessories are still available in Silver

Space Grey Magic Keyboard and Mouse

About three months ago, Apple announced that it would discontinue its iMac Pro once supplies ran out.

Soon after, the tech giant’s website stated that the iMac’s Space Grey accessories, including the Magic Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad, would also be discontinued once supply runs out. Well, that day has come — supply has officially run out.

Since Apple has ceased production of the Space Gray iMac Pro, it makes little sense to continue selling matching peripherals. Apple’s website doesn’t have the Space Grey variants listed, but the Keypad, Mouse and Trackpad are all still available in Silver.

Additionally, Apple has recently started offering colour-matched accessories with the new M1 iMac. Though these accessories aren’t available to purchase separately, removing the Space Grey variant might be Apple’s way of making space for the new vibrant ones.

Source: Apple

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