Leak reveals Fitbit Ace 3 fitness tracker for kids with refresh design

The Ace 3 specs are reportedly very similar to the Ace 2

Leaked renders of Fitbit’s upcoming kid-oriented fitness tracker, the Ace 3, have leaked online, showing off a slight design refresh and some fun new colours.

WinFuture shared the renders, including a red and black colour and a light purple and green combo. Aside from the colour, the trackers feature a more rounded design compared to the Fitbit Ace 2’s squared-off look. On top of that, the Ace 3 looks slightly less bulky.

Another change between the Ace 2 and the leaked Ace 3 tracker is that the Ace 2 looks to have a side button, while the Ace 3 uses an inductive button similar to what you’d find on Fitbit’s Charge trackers.

As for the spec sheet, it looks like Fitbit didn’t change much with the Ace 3. According to WinFuture, the Ace 3 sports a pedometer for step tracking and a 1.47-inch greyscale OLED display. Like the Ace 2, the Ace 3 won’t offer a heart rate sensor. Battery life reportedly offers about 192 hours on a charge, or about eight days.

Given the similarities, the price likely won’t change much either — the Ace 2 currently retails for $99.95 in Canada, and I’d expect the Ace 3 to cost about the same.

One interesting note about the Ace 3 is it may be the first device launched by Fitbit since Google completed its acquisition. The Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 launched last fall, and the Charge 4 came before that.

Considering that the Ace 2 is the only Fitbit device not currently sold on the Google Store, that likely confirms a refresh is on the way. It seems that, at least for now, Google hasn’t changed much about Fitbit, although the Ace 3 likely was in development before the acquisition finished.

Update 03/05/2021 at 4:17pm: In a statement, Fitbit said it doesn’t have any news to share at this time regarding new and upcoming trackers. You can read the statement in full below:

“We appreciate the interest and excitement around our products. As you know, we are constantly working on new health and fitness devices and services to help people live healthier lives. We don’t have news to share at this time, but you’ll be amongst the first to know when we do.” 

Source: WinFuture Via: 9to5Google

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