Fitbit’s kid-focused tracker gets a waterproof redesign with the Ace 2

It's also more affordable

Fitbit's kid-friendly tracker gets a fun new design

Adults aren’t the only ones getting a new Fitbit tracker to play with.

In addition to its new Versa Lite smartwatch and Inspire fitness tracker, Fitbit has announced the Ace 2, the successor to its kids-focused Ace fitness tracker, which it first premiered almost exactly a year ago today.

Like its predecessor, which was essentially a repurposed Alta, the Ace 2 takes an existing Fitbit tracker — in this case, the company’s new Alta successor, Inspire — and makes it kid-friendly. The Ace 2 is chunkier than its predecessor, though charmingly so with a new design that’s water-proof up to a depth of 50m (the previous model was only sweat and splash-proof).

This means kids can go swimming with the wearable still on their wrists. What’s more, Fitbit has integrated a new screen bumper that should protect the Ace 2’s display against accidental bumps.

Alongside the new physical design, Fitbit introduced new animated watch faces that the company says it believes will help better motivate kids to hit their activity goals.

However, what is perhaps the Ace 2’s biggest improvement over the original Ace is a new, cheaper price tag.

At $99.95, the Ace 2 is $30 more affordable than the outgoing model it replaces. In fact, next to the now several years old Zip fitness tracker, the Ace 2 is the most affordable fitness tracker in Fitbit’s lineup.

At launch, the Ace 2 will be available in two fun colours: ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Night Sky.’ Parents will also be able to buy two separate printed bands to allow their kids to further customize their Ace wearable.

The Ace 2 will launch in Canada sometime this summer.