This dongle lets you output your Switch video to a laptop, easily record gameplay

'ShadowCast' comes from the same group that made the Genki Covert Dock

Accessory maker Human Things is back with a new Genki product on Kickstarter designed to make it easier to connect your Switch — or other consoles — to a computer.

Dubbed ‘Genki ShadowCast,’ the tiny gadget looks like a little HDMI to USB-C adapter. However, most of the charm resides inside (and in the accompanying app), which enables other features like video capture. In an effort to showcase how versatile the ShadowCast is, Human Things put together a video detailing how they made it and what the dongle can do.

First and foremost is the ability to output a video feed from a console to a laptop. While I can see this being most useful with a Nintendo Switch due to the tiny screen, in a pinch it could let you connect your Xbox or PlayStation too. For example, if you’ve only got one TV to share with your family, this could be a way to play games while someone else catches up on their Netflix backlog.

For those worried about latency, Human Things touted its ‘Genki Arcade’ app as the ultimate solution. Arcade can auto-detect when ShadowCast is connected and help reduce latency. Arcade works on macOS (both M1 and Intel) as well as on Windows. Plus, Human Things is working on a browser version for use on devices where you can’t install software, although compatibility will vary.

Finally, Human Things “disguises ShadowCast as a webcam.” The company says that enables it to work with video chat platforms, allowing users to emulate the couch co-op experience by sharing their screens over Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more. Likewise, users can connect ShadowCast to a camera to upgrade their webcam experience — although it’s worth noting that many camera companies have rolled out software to enable a similar feature over a standard USB connection.

ShadowCast will run you about $50 in Canada

Overall, the Genki ShadowCast looks like a handy little device, especially if you own a Switch and find yourself wanting to play with a larger display. Since the project is on Kickstarter, you’ll need to back it get on board with the project. The different backer tiers can be found below:

  • ShadowCast – $39 USD (about $50 CAD)
  • ShadowCast Illuminating (limited quantity) – $39 USD (about $50 CAD)
  • ShadowCast + Genki Covert Dock (limited quantity) – $99 USD (about $127 CAD)
  • ShadowCast Illuminating + Genki Covert Dock (limited quantity) – $99 USD (about $127 CAD)
  • All-In Everything Genki Package (limited quantity) – $149 USD (about $190 CAD)

The All-In package includes a ShadowCast in any colour, the Covert Dock, Genki Audio or Audio Lite in any colour, a flexible HDMI 2.0 cable and a portable stand. Every tier includes a USB-C 2.0 cable and will include your name in the Genki Arcade app’s credits. Every tier has an estimated delivery of April 2021, except for the All-In package, which is estimated to ship a month earlier.

Like the other Genki products, ShadowCast will likely land on the company’s website once the Kickstarter is done. Human Things has also made the Genki Covert Dock, a more portable version of the Switch dock, and a dongle that lets you connect Bluetooth earbuds to the Switch.

Image credit: Human Things (Kickstarter)

Source: Kickstarter

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