Final decision for Sidewalk Labs’ smart city plan pushed to May 20

The original deadline was March 31st

Waterfront Toronto has deferred the final deadline for a decision on whether Sidewalk Labs’ smart city plans will go ahead.

The deadline was originally March 31st, but it has now been extended to May 20th to give the public additional time to provide input.

“Today’s extension allows for more time for the public to provide feedback on Waterfront Toronto’s evaluation of Sidewalk Labs’ proposals and for the board to hear directly from the public on its priorities before any decision to proceed to implementation is taken,” Waterfront Toronto board chair Stephen Diamond said in a statement.

Diamond went on to say that the board will not sacrifice the public good for expediency.

Sidewalk Labs told the Toronto Star that it looks forward to cooperating with Waterfront Toronto and the next phase of consultations.

“We welcome the opportunity to continue to work with Waterfront Toronto on building an inclusive, affordable and sustainable neighbourhood at Quayside,” the spokesperson told the Toronto Star.

The Google sister company has been working with Waterfront Toronto on the project for two years now.

Waterfront Toronto gave tentative approval to the project in October 2019 after Sidewalk agreed to change its original plans, including the decision to put all data collected from the smart city into an ‘Urban Data Trust.’

Source: Toronto Star 

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