Waterfront Toronto board of directors approves terms with Sidewalk Labs

The final Waterfront Toronto board decision will take place next year on March 31st

Waterfront Toronto’s board of directors has unanimously approved Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs’ plan to move forward with developing a smart city.

The Google sister company was selected in 2017 to create a plan to revitalize a site on Toronto’s eastern waterfront. Sidewalk Labs released its Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) this summer.

One of the terms of the approval is that the smart city will be reduced from its proposed size. If the development is successful, there could be possible expansions in the future.

Additionally, Sidewalk Labs will partner with real estate developers as it will not have the rights as the lead developer.

Waterfront Toronto will also lead all of the aspects related to digital governance and privacy matters. Public transit commitments also still need to be decided.

The next step in the process will take place on March 31st 2020 when the final Waterfront Toronto board decision will be made following a period of evaluation and consultation.

There will also be another evaluation regarding technology that will involve consultations with the public.

Source: The Canadian Press, @CBCAlerts

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