Leaked video points to February 11 reveal date for Samsung Galaxy S11

The promotional video doesn't show much beyond the February 11th date for the next Unpacked event

Samsung may unveil the new Galaxy S11 series (Galaxy S20 maybe?) on February 11th, according to a leaked promotional video.

Twitter user @water8192 (via Brandon Lee [@thisistechtoday]) and also XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) found the video, which was mistakenly uploaded to a Samsung press video channel.

The video doesn’t show much of anything, really. It opens on a sideways view of the word ‘Galaxy’ with the ‘a’ letters replaced by moving blocks. The camera pans around the word a little before settling on a bird’s eye view as the blocks shift into position. The first block looks to be a rectangle that’s slightly longer on the vertical edge than the horizontal edge. The second block is a square, but it settles on a diagonal.

Then, the video ends on a black screen noting the Galaxy Unpacked event will happen on February 11th, 2020. It will also be streamed live on Samsung’s website.

It’s not immediately clear what the blocks represent. The left block, which is slightly larger, could represent the rumoured Galaxy Fold 2, which will fold vertically instead of horizontally.

Others speculate the shape matches the rumoured camera module of the upcoming Galaxy S11 series. Considering Samsung typically unveils its new Galaxy S-series flagships in February or March, this Unpacked event will likely be where Samsung reveals the S11 (or S20) line.

I think we’ll see a Galaxy Fold 2 at the event as well — especially based on the promotional video — but nothing is certain now except the date of the next Unpacked.

Source: Twitter (1, 2) Via: XDA Developers

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