City of Ottawa to give Waze traffic data to improve driver experience

Ottawa joins Toronto and Montreal in the 'Waze for Cities' program

The City of Ottawa has partnered with Waze and will share its traffic data to help drivers receive better real-time updates during their commutes.

Ottawa will provide Waze with traffic data related to crashes and construction, with the aim to help drivers better plan their routes.

The city is now part of the ‘Waze for Cities’ program, which already has partnerships with Toronto, Montreal, New York and San Francisco.

“This innovative partnership demonstrates how we can partner and share data to create a win-win situation where residents, our transportation system and the community all benefit,” said Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, in a press release.

The city says that the combination of user submissions and traffic information will provide better up-to-date information regarding road and lane closures, collisions, construction and detours.

“Waze is excited to have Ottawa join the Waze for Cities program as a new partner, giving local citizens a greater ability to circumvent road closures and traffic jams within the app,” said Mike Wilson, Waze Canada’s country manager, in the press release. 

The partnership is another initiative under Ottawa’s Smart City plan to utilize innovation, technology and leading practices to enhance residents experience to obtain information and services in the city.

Source: City of Ottawa

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