Gmail releasing update to improve its grammar and spell check system

Writing emails should be just a bit easier

Gmail redesign

Google has made a quality of life update to its Gmail autocorrect system using the AI-powered tool featured in Google Docs.

This will improve grammar and spell-check suggestions, which are most noticeable when composing an email.

Gmail now suggests grammar options as you type your message, squiggling a blue line under the word that the system detects as an error.

Users simply have to click the highlighted word to apply the changes, rather than right-clicking to view suggestions.

Google will also autocorrect any common misspelled words.

However, if there’s a word you want to be reverted to your spelling, it’ll appear highlighted similar to a grammar suggestion and can be fixed with a simple click.

The autocorrect system will also detect and outline any misused verb tenses in your sentences in a similar manner.

While a minor update, it’s certainly helpful when composing an email. This improvement will start rolling out in the next few weeks.

Source: The Verge

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