New Apple TV app is coming to third-generation Apple TVs

If you're in the developer beta program you can try it out right now

An image of a 3rd gen Apple TV

Apple is bringing its new Apple TV app to older devices, including the third-generation Apple TV.

The app doesn’t appear to look as clean as the version Apple showed off at its ‘Show Time’ keynote, but it seems to have all of the same functionality, according to Apple Insider. 

The publication does state that the app is very slow to use, but the sign in process uses a standard Apple ID verification code input method. This is a welcome departure from having to write your verification code at the end of your password, which happened previously on the ageing hardware.

Apple released developer betas for tvOS, iOS and the third-gen Apple TV’s software. Notably, all of the devices that can receive the betas got a version of the new Apple TV app, according to separate reports from MacRumors and 9to5Mac. You can find out more about how to get into the developer beta program here. 

What is interesting about this app on the older Apple TV is that it shows how Apple might alter the look of the service depending on the hardware it’s running on. Since the upcoming app is going to be available on Roku and Fire TV devices, plus smart TVs from Sony, LG, Vizio and Samsung, it has potential look a little different on each one. Even Apple Music is different on iOS and Android.

This is what the Apple TV app looks like on the older third-generation Apple TV model

Image credit: Apple Insider

Source: MacRumors, Apple Insider, 9to5Mac

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