Quebec wants to charge provincial sales tax on Netflix


  • fmradio68

    Quebec govvernment wants more money so they can mismanage it too. Or give to Bombardier….

    • Canadiana Jones

      That’s the payback for being liberal supporters.
      EDIT: Sorry, this reply was for the different comment (by Marshall Davidson).

  • Jim__R

    Good luck with that, Quebec.

  • FirstLine

    I am surprised the federal gov hasn’t been working with the provinces for this.

    • gmerrick

      The issue is how would Netflix charge the tax. I can have a Yahoo account, gmail, outlook, etc etc and Netflix doesn’t know what country I am from. When I travel, I can only view shows that are available from Netflix in that country.

      Sure they ask for a credit card number, but I can also go to the store and pay for a Netflix prepaid card.

      Netflix also does not have a corporate presence in Canada and is technically not subject to Canadian laws. This is the problem that the CRTC faced when they tried to force Netflix to provide them with subscriber data and other information.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Sure Quebec wants to tax it. There has never been a provincial government there that doesn’t see a tax idea it didn’t like. Easily one of the most over-taxed jurisdictions in Canada, along with Ontario.

  • MoYeung

    “Taxes are always just taxes, dollars taken away from people by government. The government — whether those elected or in the bureaucracy — is just a collection of well-paid people with varied political opinions and varied expertise who get to decide how to spend your money and alter your behaviour. And government will continue to grow and spread and demand more taxes — using any reason it can think of — until it is pruned back by fed-up ratepayers and voters.”

    I read the above quote in another news story. No push back by voters or taxpayers in this country though.

    • All we do is pay tax. It’s the national Canadian past time, like Americans and football.

  • johny

    let’s not kill a young industry please

    • fred

      Why would a tax kill it, when it’s not killing all other services?

    • johny

      people wont be buying it once the price goes to $16 per month

    • fred

      then Netflix just has to lower their prices

    • Major Suave

      8.99$ + 10% = 16$ for you?

  • Shawn Kent

    Quebec sucks

  • Bob Loblaw

    Fvck off Quebec you sh|theads

  • fred

    It’s either Netflix or they will have to tax something else.
    Hospitals and schools aren’t free.

    There is 0 logic in taxing Crave TV but not Netflix. It will only drive businesses away from Canada.

  • Major Suave

    meh, paying one extra dollar per month will not keep me from paying Netflix.

    I get to pay taxes on everything else but food. It makes no sense to tax Crave or Illico but not Netflix.

  • skinned

    I’d laugh if they exempted residents of Quebec like a contest.

  • Kylan Sherwood

    Hell yeh, you should be taxed for gmail, Google searches, YouTube, Apple apps, Google apps, and so on. Because where do you draw the line?. You can watch Hallmark movies and old tv shows and casts etc from YouTube for example and Google owns YouTube and Google doesn’t just give it away they make money from those ads that pop up. So in your world Google should now show more ads (+/- due to the different taxations in each province) to cover the taxation that should apply to YouTube. Or should Netflix go the way of crackle (owned by Sony) and provide movies/tv shows and just have ads constantly pop up during your experience so they still make money but this way apparently they would not have to incur taxes?. And if we agree that Netflix/crackle/YouTube are very similar in nature where do we stop?. Most news outlets have an app with a stream with the cost of set by advertising so foreign and domestic news viewing under this model should be tracked and taxed. As should domestic and foreign app developers whom make money off said app/advertising/in app purchases.

    My point being if crackle/local streaming outfits can’t provide the service with the current tax structure they should fold up shop and move or quit providing service. I myself looked at the options when I purchased my Netflix subscription and the Canadian offerings we’re bleak at best. If I were looking to pay more for less I would indeed go the Canadian route. I’d happily with open arms welcome an American cell phone provider to come into Canada as well as they’ve proven they can offer more for less. The cable companies have had Canadians by the toe nails since I was a child charging absurd rates for inferior quality programming.

    As part of the poor Quebec movement they’ve made a stance saying that Netflix has not committed to making French content. Well as I’ve said Netflix is out like most companies to make a profit. Making “Canadian only” content would be silly… Canada has roughly 10% the population of the United States. Now what would make even less sense would be to appease 2% by making French films/shows (French make up 20% of Canada while only 80% of Quebec). With these numbers is it hard to see why Netflix isn’t buying the pitches that Quebec has some of the best French film directors in the world?. What does it matter?. It’s still French… It’s a little like kicking a dead horse at this point but to further my point, the highest grossing French Movie (of all time) made 174000000 US dollars. A sweet 174 million not a bad haul (LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN) I may have to see the movie sometime. But the 174million pails in comparison to English films which have several that top 1.5billion. so the numbers don’t add up. Quebec wants to keep it’s identity that’s great… Pay for it yourself.

    One last stat, food for thought. So I hope I’ve eluded to the sillyness behind quebecs taxes/French film b.s. I have to wonder if they got the idea from France who already implied taxation on Netflix (2% of netflix France revenue goes towards French film board) and Google YouTube. Either way this is another example of poor me’s demanding inequality. Quebec identifies as french so they should get special treatment. Well in this day and age especially with everyone’s feelings mattering so much. I feel Albertans lack identity they speak differently then any other English province in Canada so they should get exclusive Alberta content. Also P.E.I I have to reach out for my brother’s to the East. You can tell a Nova Scotia, P.E.I, and Newfoundland apart by different accents and how they speak. So to say all English provinces are the same or identify the same would definitely be a stretch (and would probably get you into a fight). So heck every province should get some of that Netflix 500mill. Or at the very least the 25million poor Quebec got to get them to shut up.

    Why do we not have a Canadian news outlet that will approach our big bad gov and speak facts?. Instead we get these poor me stories for everyone who says they feel bad. Please pass facts along… Word of mouth will have to do as no one wants to report on it.