Heritage Minister reveals creation of first-of-its-kind Netflix Canada production company


  • It’s Me

    I hate taxes but if they are selling goods or services in Canada they should be paying gst like every one else selling goods or services in Canada.

    • Brad Fortin

      Why would you hate taxes? Especially since the current trend of automating everything will practically necessitate a big push from capitalism to socialism (and maybe eventually to communism (actual communism, not just socialist “communism”)).

    • johny

      u r not far off. it will likely take 100 years though

    • southerndinner

      I rag on you all the time but this is entirely true

    • Lol your comments here never cease to make me laugh

    • Brad Fortin

      That’s not a good thing.

    • Marc Palumbo

      They can be like Uber and leave. Now imagine Netflix leaving… We’ll be stuck with CraveTV, which compared to Netflix, sucks.

    • It’s Me

      They are a business and want to make money. Even having to charge taxes they’d make a lot of money here. I don’t see them leaving.

      Also, if some customers do leave because they are more expensive then some of those customers go to Crave and then Bell can invest in more and better content.

    • Marc Palumbo

      I highly doubt those Netflix original series that have been winning awards will go to CraveTV. I would bet it’s in their contract with Netflix which has millions of users globally. In the end, we are responsible for paying sales tax, so the 11$ a month will turn into 12.65$ for me in Quebec. if you’re lucky enough to live in Alberta, you’ll only pay an extra 0.55$.

      Bell has been pretty busy lately, lobbying and whining about unfair competition that hurts their pockets. Maybe if things were different, I would be sympathetic to Bell, but I just have a hard time caring for their sorrows.

    • It’s Me

      Of course Netflix exclusives will remain with Netflix. But bell also invests a fair bit into programming too. More customers means they’d have more money to invest.

      Believe me, I have no pity for bell in general. I terminated all of my Bell services years ago out of disgust. But in this case I don’t see any rational reason why a giant competitor of theirs should get a free ride and a massive advantage. Take emotions out of the equation and set aside hate for bell and it’s clear Netflix is getting a sweetheart deal they don’t need or deserve (I say this as a Netflix user that doesn’t want to pay any more). Either that or let bell and others dodge the same tax too.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Let’s be honest, Netflix is the company in question because they are the giant, the largest one of them all. But there are so many streaming services where they are smaller, and may not be viable for them to lose customers over sales taxes.It really sucks that when you pay for services that originate from other countries, you gotta pay your own tax so the government can “allow” them to operate.

      So yes emotion comes into play… for Netflix. But what about all the other guys? It’s a touchy subject, but the internet should be free. I can never side with the government on this topic.

    • Bob Mcknight

      We don’t need more taxes charged to customers of Netflix. I already pay Gst and pst. From what I can see their talking about customers paying extra tax