Apple Watch Series 3 Canadian availability and pricing


  • AZ

    And Rogers isn’t even showing up to the game.

    • Neutral President

      It seems like their relationship with Apple has soured somewhat since the days when they were the exclusive iPhone provider. Or maybe they just didn’t want to pony up the money. I’m pretty sure they’ll regret this decision as people jump ship to join Bell or Telus.

    • Well, in all fairness, Rogers didn’t have all that special of a deal with Apple in the first place… They were the exclusive iPhone provider back in 2008 by default since they had the only network that could support the iPhone in the first place. Bell and Telus were all-CDMA back then, and didn’t finish upgrading their networks to 3G until late 2009 — a move that had more to do with cashing in on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics than anything else.

  • Riley Freeman

    has bell given you any idea when they will release their pricing

    • Neutral President

      $5/month to share your number and plan with the watch. Pretty great deal. Too bad it’s Bell.

    • Riley Freeman

      i am curious if they were offering subsidized pricing like they do on the ipads

  • Andrew Holt

    And yet another money grab by the carriers. The plan should be free with a smartphone plan, as it uses the same bucket of data.

    • The same bucket of data and the same phone number, so there’s even less to it than a tablet plan.

  • Nick

    They should give the option to have a separate mobile number for this thing if you want to have this as a secondary phone. I would have this LTE enable watch for my personal use as I have a work phone. $10-$15 bucks a month with old school voice, text and data buckets won’t be bad if this would have its own phone number.

    Also, this would be a great thing to contact your kids and grandparents if this can be activated with a specified phone number. Cause these are the two demographics that definitely would lose their phones if it is not attached on them.

  • weetigo

    Rogers really brought on the suck since they bought that hockey team. Their offerings have suffered terribly since that fateful decision. I’m glad I switched to Bell.

    • Surveillance

      I thought Rogers and Bell split on that team?

  • Tom A

    wow $5 a month is good. In the US its $10 which seems ridiculous since it can only make calls and doesn’t really use much data at all its not going to strain the network whatsoever. In fact it may encourage people to use less data if they leave their phones at home sometimes

  • wlym

    It’s really too bad that Bell is the only current option as I have /never/ had such a poor experience than I had with Bell Mobility and Bell Sympatico. Technical incompetence and customer support cluelessness was the theme and I vowed never to give them a penny again.

  • versamtl

    Bell, never, no thanks!

  • Eric Kirkey

    I’m Very Dissapointed With The Fact That Rogers Won’t Get The Watch And I’m Surprised Virgin Mobile Not On List Especially The Fact That It’s Now Owned By Bell And Me I Find Bell And Telus Have Sucky Plans Compared To Rogers And Virgin Mobile

    I Hope That There Plans Will Be Better Soon

  • Rimtu Kahn

    It’s a watch that you have to pay $519+tax up front and further $5+tax per month to use. No thanks. Watch connectivity to use number share shouldn’t have any added cost. I can’t justify this watch. This smartwatch is not a very smart purchase.