Apple iPhone X Canadian pricing and availability


  • heynow00

    Based on the release date and probable lack of availability, there will probably be some great carrier deals on 7/7+ for black friday

    • monkeymo

      We just saw those deals last week, $179 for a 128gb model, Iphone 6S 128GB were free +$200 GC to Bestbuy. Those deals will be recycled again.

    • MeHow

      How does it make a GREAT deal if you still have to pay ~$100.00 each month for next 2 years? Please explain 🙂

    • monkeymo

      What do you want them to offer $0 phone on $0 service? They arent going to give the phones away……

      They are giving you a $900 device for $100, $800 subsidy is usually the max the carriers can offer so with Apple dropping the 7 by $200 on all its configuations you can now get an iphone 7 on contract for free on with a premium contract pretty soon. I just renewed and Im paying $70/month (premium plan) and got an iphone for $99 on contract. Their isnt much flexibility in the system.

  • canucks4life

    Expensive vaporware o.O

  • Stephen

    Wow. The pricing is crazy to me. 64GB isn’t enough, so I’d have to spring for 256GB. That means, with Koodo on a tab large (if they follow the same $504 discount) I’d have to pay $1015 plus tax upfront for the device and pay an additional $21 a month for the tab.

    • Captain Pokemon

      If these teenagers that I see walking at Eaton Centre can afford that, I doubt that you can’t. LOL

    • Mvplayur

      It’s not the teenagers that can afford it, it’s their parents

    • Stephen

      Regardless, it’s still much more money than I’d want to shell out for a phone that’s new flagship features have been present on many top end android phones for a while and at a cheaper price.

      I’m sure that it will still sell record breaking numbers but man, that’s a big price to swallow. I used to buy my phone’s outright, but shelling out nearly $1800 with taxes isn’t even something I’d consider doing lol

    • monkeymo

      And thats why in particular with modern smart phones, which can run 3 years easily without hic-up (Apple ones) there’s no better time for the CRTC to look at re-instating the 3 year contract terms again.

      Up to $500 is the absolute max I would spend on contract but realistically for most its $279, theres no way the telecoms can keep their margin relatively intact with these new $1000 phones, unless they charge you in the $150/month for service.

    • Vinnie Mac

      eastlink offers these phones for 0 down at these prices

    • orangedude

      But you divide it over 24 months, they basically finance it. That’s $63.70 a month just to payback your phone, plus you have to add the plan cost.

    • Domino67

      I wonder how much those “teenagers” pay for Utilities, Rent, Mortgage payments, insurance, etc….

    • Captain Pokemon

      Agree but you have to wait until they started talking to their parents cause they know everything! Trust me, teenagers now a day are nothing like 20 years ago.

  • hoo dat

    Value for money for me starts to get blurry after $800 or so, if I’m spending over $1,000 for a device it better darn well be perfect. I know this is a common complaint about Apple products in particular but what is actually wrong with making a device 32GB across the board and giving it an expandable SD slot to at least 256GB?

    • John Lofwire


      They want you to spend 100-200$ more to get more memory and make more profit. ( cost them what 5$ to put a 256 gb instead of a 64 gb lol )

    • Brad Fortin

      I’d love to be able to get a 256 GB NVMe/PCIe SSD for only $5 but the cheapest one I can find is $150. Tell us, John, where do you find such low prices on such expensive components?

    • Domino67

      I didnt realize that “them” is Brad Fortin?…..You’re Apple now?

    • Uzair Abbas

      He was being sarcastic. Also apple pays a lot less than $150 what consumers will pay, they buy in bulk.

    • southerndinner

      Good thing anyone buying a 256gb iPhone ONLY needs all their storage to be super fast for their jpeg photos, gifs and videos.

      Oh wait.

    • Brad Fortin

      Recording 4K at 60 fps requires some pretty fast storage. Not that Android users would know anything about that.

    • Mr Dog

      There’s a LOT of things wrong with SD slots/ cards. For one they are terribly slow. It’s like asking for a mechanical HDD.

      Apples entire Mac line up is 1Gpbs+ SSD’s what makes you think they will allow 10MB/s SD cards 😛

    • hoo dat

      I wouldn’t say ‘terribly slow’; slower, yes. But internally the difference in speed for most apps is almost unperceivable. Transfers are another matter but even then the speeds aren’t as slow as to be an impediment. Just for kicks and giggles I just ripped a CD to full lossless, the 613MB FLAC file transferred over to my SD card at an average of 23MB/s. If that’s too slow for you just get on and do something else in the short time it takes.

    • hoo dat

      Just carried out another transfer, this time bigger at 2.4GB (MKV video). Transfer peaked at 179MB/s, averaged 87MB/s. Just saying is all.

  • MeHow

    Subsidized or not – this is not a question – $1730 (TAX incl) for a new 256Gb model X is TOTALLY CRAZY. Somebody lost the contact with reality. Cuppertino – you have a problem.

    • avow

      What province in that? $1605.45 in Alberta.

    • Smanny

      That is Ontario, and that is the price with the tax. Calculate it yourself. Oh, and that is the 64 GB version as well.

    • Turbojugend

      Tell them that when this sells out everywhere and the waiting list for one continues to grow…..

  • Stephen B Morris

    Ouch! People have to sell a lot of lemonade to get this phone.

  • Leslie Anne

    I used to wonder if I should switch to Apple. Now I know why I never will! Yes, it’s great, but no phone anywhere is worth these inflated prices. Is this the beginning of the end for greedy Apple?

    • p_lindsay

      Not even really that great.

    • Me Ted

      All higher end devices are great now.

    • Rawrrr

      Even mid range is good these days..

    • Me Ted

      Very true.

  • WiseBlasian

    Remember when the iphone was 650?

    • Brendon Brown

      I memeber

  • Evan

    F@&K# me! I have an iPhone 5 and have been waiting 5 years for a new phone. IPhone X is sick but not for that price! I could pay a bit more and get a 27Inch Imac package. Unreal. Any recommendations for other good phones at a good price point?

    • Domino67

      The Galaxy S7 or S8, depending on your thoughts of physical home button preference.

    • Me Ted


    • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

      Too expensive as well.

    • clyde

      An iPhone 6s or 7 will still be better than android phones. And still a big upgrade for you coming from a 5.

      I realized that iPhones are great phones for great value if your not getting the flagship.

      It’s like a car. You can go to a Mercedes dealership and get a great car. But you can also pay way more for the same great car with added rims sunroof tint spoiler chrome trim etc etc. All that added stuff is cool but you don’t need it for a nice ride.

      I learned this when I had an iPhone 5s and updated to a galaxy s7.

      I realized that this brand new flag ship didn’t really do anything better. Opened instagram, YouTube, snapchat the same. Actually YouTube crashed more.

      It didnt handle email as well for me. I liked just having one mail app for both my hotmail and gmail on iPhone. Didn’t like having Samsung email and the gmail app on android.

      I was super disappointed that chrome on this new galaxy s7 would be choppy scrolling in pages on websites I visited while safari on my iPhone 5s didn’t. Also loved how I just had safari and not a web browser called internet and chrome like on the Samsung.

      Lastly I enjoy good versions of app. Get new features to apps like Spotify first. And googles own apps like Gboard are better on iOS than android.

      Long story short I sold the galaxy s7 on kijiji and got an iPhone 7. Which right now doesn’t do much better than the 5s. But I got it for the waterproof feature. So don’t have to worry about phone get wet if caught in rain or water rides or answering the phone while doing dishes.

    • Darren Woloshyn

      Get the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus

    • Evan

      $400 difference in base models. Perhaps. I want to stick with an iPhone but don’t really want an SE.

  • bigshynepo

    One things for sure, you’ll certainly be a target for thieves using this phone in public.
    And can you imagine forgetting this phone in a store or taxi and being out $1500 bucks!?

    Personally, it’s way too much money for a feature set that doesn’t improve dramatically (or at all) over the competition on the spec sheet.

    • Andrew Holt

      What are you talking about? I’m getting this iphone on release date paired with the apple watch and the first thing I’m going to do is head to the South Side of Chicago to show off all my new bling! What could go wrong?

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Don’t forget to wear a sweater vest.

  • Andrew Holt

    Robellus would be smart to team up with TD, CIBC, RBC, BMO, etc and cross market with each other because the cost of using and owning smartphones in Canada is approaching getting a mortgage territory.

  • Ryan

    Not a fan of the speaker / camera gap in the display at the top, especially for $1319

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Wow, at these kind of prices Apple surely must be paying their employees in Asia a good wage yes?

    • Mr Dog

      Yeah. Likely better than what every other phone manufactures pays their employees in Asia.

  • Jojo

    The x is apparently not offered on Fido on launch, or ever!!!

  • Smanny

    So the iPhone X with tax is $1715 Canadian out the door. Dam.

    • avow

      What province do you live in? It is “”””only”””” $1605.45 here in Alberta.

    • Smanny

      Canada’s largest population province, called Ontario. Check it out some time. That $1715 is the price of the 64 GB iPhone X out the door.

    • Jay

      $1319 x 1.13 = $1490.47.

    • khiladi420

      he must have included apple care+ ($250 i think) and a generic $50 for a case and screen protector

    • Smanny

      Add Apple Care on as well for an additional $250.

    • Charlie Ng

      I could rent a single bedroom for three months.

  • Wow….. Insane… Hope this fills you peoples (whoever will buy this device) deep interior void for more then 3 days…

  • Bramptonian

    Is iPhone X pronounced “iPhone TEN” or “iPhone EX”?