Outgoing CRTC Chairman Blais: ‘I’ve done what I set out to do’


  • bigshynepo

    This guy did a pretty good job to be honest, hopefully his replacement has Canadian consumers in their best interests too.

    • will

      If the Big 3 not already have his replacement in their pocket.

    • Victor Creed

      His replacement will undoubtedly be a “former” high ranking Big 3 employee. CRTC is still a joke and should be removed.

    • It’s Me

      Well, he has was certainly better than von Finckenstein (what an apt name).

    • Do Do

      lmfao, He did a great job for corporations and NOTHING for consumers, except talk.

    • bigshynepo

      I’d debate that and win, but I’m guessing facts don’t sit well with you anyways.

    • Do Do


      What you win? LMAO

    • bigshynepo

      …The debate?
      If you couldn’t figure that one out, you better go back to school.

    • Do Do

      go back to school to become a snowflake that starts frothing at the mouth when someone expresses an opinion I don’t agree with? No I’ll leave that to you and the point “I” was making you wouldn’t actually “win” anything, including the debate, there is no debate, and you expressed no facts because they will all be shot down, at which point you’ll start having a fit.

    • bigshynepo

      Yikes, you should be evaluated by a medical professional.

    • Do Do

      Yup, you’re very clever, I’m sure you would have “won” a debate about something.

  • dsdmtom

    Good to see Rose Behar on this file! Also congratulations on the work you do, Rose. Sad Nova Scotia had to lose you. I’m still giving legislators an earful every time they want to hear how to retain young, talented folks like yourself.

  • Do Do

    “Blais” If your plan was to show yourself as a corporate shill, then job well done, you pile of human garbage. You can drop dead also, filth.

    • Damn what did the guy do? Kill your mom or something?

    • Do Do

      No, if he had done that I’d be upset with him, I’m simply expressing how I feel about someone put in a position where he can actually help people and does NOTHING except give clever talk and fake rules. He brings in rules that have loop holes purposely left in so that corporations can take advantage of consumers and the CRTC comes out smelling like roses. Well I see it as them working together. Write the rules this way or that way so that we can get around it this way and that way. It’s all a big game and we’re the suckers always on the losing end.

    • ElNad

      You must be too young to remember the Konrad von Finckenstein years. That guy was an ex-Bell employee and was bad for consumers. Blais almost have a perfect score. No more 3 years contracts, Net neutrality protection, unlock fee and unlocked phones removed (yesterday), independant ISPs paying 1/8 of the price from before for broadband.

      What do you want more? Let me guess, the same services for the same price as in France where 50 millions people live in a country the third in size of the Québec province?

      I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls, but I really would like to know what Blais did to be called a corporate shill. The Big Three brought the CRTC to court to undo some rulings from “Blais” and lost.

    • Do Do

      I’m also too young to remember Hitler, that doesn’t mean I should think Saddam Hussein is a good guy, and no I’m not comparing Blais to Hussein.

      “No more 3 years contracts”
      but written in a way that allowed the carriers to bump up the prices FAR greater than the amount they claimed to lose. I believe “it’s me” did the math and showed the prices shouldn’t have gone up more than $10 or less.

      “Net neutrality protection”
      Great, you think that’s going to stick? We’ll see.

      “unlock fee and unlocked phones removed (yesterday),”
      and why wasn’t that stopped on day 1? Because he couldn’t care less that they were charging people $50 for no reason, because he’s there for the corporations It was a crime IMO.

      “independant ISPs paying 1/8 of the price from before for broadband”
      and yet still it’s like we don’t have competition, I wonder why that is? I’ll tell you because they’ve done nothing to encourage real competition, just smoke and mirror illusions.

      What I want is a consumer advocate in that job not a corporate shill.
      There’s collusion going on, the government has admitted as much, there could be laws brought in to protect us but they don’t do a single thing.

      oh, and as far as “trolls” goes, make sure you wish him a happy father’s day. For a second I thought, oh, someone who doesn’t agree with me and can manage to put a response together without juvenile name calling. I was wrong.

    • bigshynepo

      “without juvenile name calling…”

      *looks at your OP*

      So, you’re the only one who can stoop to that level?

    • Do Do

      Did you notice a dialogue between Blais and myself? If filth like him actually answered to the public I’d have more respect for him but he doesn’t he can do whatever he like and answers to nobody and I don’t have any respect for people put in those positions that don’t do anything to help anyone but the corporations.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    I’m going to miss him. He leaves a legacy of consumer-friendly and forward-looking decisions that benefit consumers… something very uncomon in CRTC’s history.

    I definitely enjoyed his 5 year mandate. Something quite baffling, I’ve never sad about a public servant before.