Sugar Mobile can no longer use Rogers’ roaming network to create backdoor MVNO


  • Sequoia46.2

    What about Petro-Canada Mobile, PC Mobile, and 7-Eleven mobile? Those are MVNOs without infrastructure, how come they can still operate?

  • TomsDisqusted

    We need real, regulated, MNVO’s – with the same sort of access as Teksavvy and others have to the wired infrastructure.

    • It’s Me

      Exactly. Just like with the large ISPs, Canadians and generous Canadian regulatory policy helped build the big 3’s wireless networks. Just like with the big 3, it is time to mandate access to 3rd parties at regulated wholesale rates which allows them to provide affordable and competitive rates to consumers.

    • GottaLoveCapitalism

      That’s fair but that isn’t at all what this decision is about. The decision relates to a roaming agreement between the two carriers, i.e. their customers being able to roam on each others network and still have service. There are existing rules stating that to sell LOCAL service to customers, you must have infrastructure in the area which Ice did not.

      Ice can’t sell in Toronto, nor can Rogers sell in Ice’s territory.

    • Sudbury_Saturday_Night

      Neither can T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon, but you can have one of their phones here in Canada tomorrow and most are Free Roaming to you.
      See any difference to what Sugar is doing?

    • Sequoia46.2

      I suggested this on the CRTC discussion forum that was open a week or two ago. I hope they listen and I hope more people suggested it too!

  • Ian

    Maybe my children or grandchildren will get to have an unlimited calling, messaging, WiFi and mobile broadband plans available for just $1 per day?

    • KiwiBri

      by then the $1 coin will be abandoned due to inflation. We will be using $10 coins to buy coffee..

  • Bob Loblaw

    The CRTC is a corrupt organization. They work in favour of Robellus. They’re not here to help the Canadian consumers. The CRTC should be criminally charged for bribery.

  • JD

    This decision was expected. After all the CRTC couldn’t possibly rule against the hand that’s up it’s behind.

  • Bill___A

    Maybe we should concentrate on having the big three able to have a sustainable network whilst having more reasonable costs. Allowing others to skirt the issue of building an infrastructure while selling similar services at a lower cost would merely make the big three less profitable and more likely to keep higher rates. In the end, it isn’t good. What would happen if everyone used an MVNO and no one used a legacy carrier? Of course, from an efficiency perspective, if the towers were all under one owner, that would end a lot of duplication but then again, that’s not free enterprise. The CRTC did the right thing here.

    • It’s Me

      That’s the typical FUD that the carriers spread. That if everyone used MVNOs then there would be no incentive for the incumbent carriers to continue to invest in their networks. That of course is a complete red herring. For the most part, these are the exact same companies that claimed the exact same thing back when the government was considering mandating accessing to their telephone networks for long distance and when discussions started about opening up access to their landline ISP networks. The sky was falling and the networks would crumble due to lack of investment. In neither case was that actually true. Same applies here.

    • Sudbury_Saturday_Night

      Cheaper Rates! LOL, If everyone used an MVNO the Cellular Carrier would still be raking in money for their use of Data over their network. The only difference is its Data Only and the rate for Data is Lower because the Network required for it is not near as costly as it is for Cellular Phone service. Money is Money and if the Cellular companies can make you spend more, there going to do it.

      What Canada really needs is a Canada Wide High Speed Wireless Data Company only, and the first company that starts one has all my business from the startup.

  • Jay

    Our cousins over in the US enjoy cheap nationwide cellphone plans – and over 200 MVNOs welcomed by users and network operators alike.

    Hard-working Canadians getting screwed by the “1% Canadians” yet again.

  • Sudbury_Saturday_Night

    I may be missing something here but the 200-400mb of data that SugarMobile subscribers can use on the Rogers System is not stealing anything away from Rogers. Rogers gets paid handsomely for that Data Usage from Ice Wireless. These are not “Free Roaming Agreements” between Cellular Service Companies. BigMoney transfers between them for this capability to Roam on someone else’s network. So effectively Sugarmobile will no longer be paying IceWireless for that Data Useage and Ice Wireless will no longer be paying Rogers to use it. So as I see it, Rogers just cut off one of its cash receiving hands out of spite, to try and capture a bigger market at way higher costs than using their data only brings in.
    From all the talk at the CRTC you would think that this back door arrangement was like stealing service from Rogers.

    Ever wonder why you can’t buy a “DATA Only” plan for your Cell Phone in Canada like you can in the US. You’ve got it, VOIP over Cellular Data, they want to squash the idea in any way they can accomplish it. Target #1 was SugarMobile.

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