Sugar Mobile picks a fight with Rogers over roaming agreements [Update – now Bell, too]


  • deltatux

    and was anyone surprised?

  • TomsDisqusted

    Wow, and Sugar isn’t a real MVNO – those aren’t allowed in Canada – so it really doesn’t pose much of a threat to anyone.

  • southerndinner

    A real MVNO would be a start

  • heynow00

    (Rogers) ‘states it doesn’t currently have a roaming agreement with Sugar Mobile’

    Am I missing something in this article? If sugar mobile doesn’t have an agreement to roam on Rogers network, what are they complaining about?

    • Mike

      Sugar doesn’t really have an agreement with Ice, it’s more like Ice owns Sugar much the same way Bell owns Virgin. If bell has a roaming agreement, Virgin can certainly also take advantage of that, the same way Sugar should be allowed to.

  • islander

    so this company wants all the benefits of a national LTE system but they shouldnt have to pay a fair price? WTF

    • hoo dat

      No-one said anything about LTE. For $19 p/m I would think you’d get 3G max.

    • Tony Duarte

      They do. In fact they OVERPAYING for the privilege of roaming on Rogers. If u look at most countries, roaming dirt cheap, unlike here, where roaming bits are priced like gold nuggets.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Look at that, a company trying to innovate and Robellus goes in for the kill.

  • CrazyFish

    “welcomes all fair competition,” as long as that means one of the big 3 and competing to raise prices the fastest…

  • Big Daddy Cool

    Sugar isn’t utilizing “fair competition” practices. You’re using their network and not only undercutting it, but devaluing the network. Rogers is going to win this one.

  • gueststar

    sugar seems like pretty crappy anyways. 200mb for $19 and you get a voip program.. might aswell get fidos 5gb for 35 dollars and download fongo 25x more data for less then half the cost.

  • fruvous

    Samer Bishay, president of Sugar Mobile and Ice Wireless.

    You forgot recently embattled Iristel.

  • NotARogersEmployee

    Honest question, what innovation is Samer Bashay referring to in the above? Are they really doing anything innovative or simply offering an affordable price?

  • gommer strike

    The Sugar mobile app isn’t very good. Apparently the app has issues with notification alerts, causing you to possibly miss them.

    Get what you pay for.