Rogers One Number is no longer available for new sign-ups


Launched back in 2011, Rogers One Number allowed customers to use VoIP calling for $10 per month. Now, according to Rogers’ website, “One Number is no longer available for new sign-ups.”

Rogers One Number is a VoIP service that allows users with poor or no cellular service to make calls from a phone number associated with a Rogers account. It also allows users without a long distance plan to call any Canadian phone number over Wi-Fi when inside or outside of Canada, at no charge.

Rogers One Number has seen a steady decline in usage since its release. The carrier first cited “limited customer demand” in 2014 for its One Number Phone add-on adapter. Rogers, however, has kept One Number’s iOS and Android apps alive, at least until now.

We have reached out to Rogers and the telecom sent us the following statement regarding the end of its Rogers one Number offering.

“Our customers want to stay connected no matter where they are which is why we launched Wi-Fi calling for IOS & Android to enhance coverage so they can call and text in more places. We’re no longer adding new customers to Rogers One Number because Wi-Fi calling provides the same capabilities as Rogers One Number without the need to download a separate app.”

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