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Twitter strikes deal with the NBA to stream live, original programming

As the result of a partnership between the NBA and Twitter, a new pregame show will stream live on the social platform, and its subsidiaries Vine and Periscope, every week.

This program will be featured exclusively on Twitter, and the NBA has projected to announce another exclusive show to be stream live on Twitter by the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

“We’re excited about bringing live content to Twitter, which has proven to be an ideal destination for real-time sports conversations,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver in a statement sent to MobileSyrup.

“We’ve seen technology bring fans closer to our game, teams and players in ways we could have only imagined a decade ago.  This expanded partnership will help feed our fans’ growing demand for the NBA by more deeply integrating the league across Twitter’s many platforms,” Silver continued.

This partnership is an extension of the NBA’s and Twitter’s Amplify program and will see the NBA increase league presence and content creation across Twitter, Vine and Periscope.

Furthermore, in addition to game highlights, behind-the-scenes footage and the famous #PhantomCam, the NBA has committed to produce more video for these platforms from major events such as NBA All-Star, NBA Playoffs, the finals, NBA Draft. The footage will  likely consist of feature player Q&As, account takeovers by various individuals, and behind-the-scenes access.

“Twitter is the fastest way to find out what’s happening in the NBA and to have a discussion about it,” said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a statement.

“Watching NBA basketball together with Twitter is a great experience, and the league has been at the forefront of embracing new ways to reach their fans.  We’re happy to bring even more great NBA content to our global audience.”

As of late, Twitter has made obvious efforts to gravitate towards video content, a move which was made clearer through its acquisition of Magic Pony earlier this year.

The NBA joined Twitter in 2009 and since has built the sports community on the platform with over 22 million followers, in addition to having more than 2 billion loops and 1.8 million followers on Vine.

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