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Ikea Canada’s online store now accepts PayPal

Along with Visa and Mastercard, Ikea Canada is now allowing customers to select PayPal as a payment method when checking out of its eCommerce store.

“We are constantly searching for ways to provide our customers with an even better shopping experience,” said Stefan Sjöstrand, president of Ikea Canada, in a statement sent to MobileSyrup. “By adding PayPal, we are further simplifying our online checkout and making Ikea more accessible to the many Canadians.”


Millions of Canadians flock to Ikea for affordable furniture, but stay for the even more affordable meatballs, only to later get frustrated by how confusing the company’s products are when it comes to the assembly process. At least now the online checkout process is simple.

This move is part of a greater push by Ikea to push for online sales rather than in-store.

PayPal has approximately 6.4 million active user accounts in Canada. Last year, Alexander Peh, PayPal Canada’s head of mobile, stated one in five PayPal transactions in Canada are used through a mobile device.