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Armed robbers use Pokémon Go ‘Lure’ item to target victims

Pokémon Go has evolved into a cultural phenomenon in Canada and the game hasn’t even officially launched yet.

In a move that seems like a Team Rocket plot line pulled directly from the Pokémon anime series, the O’Fallon, Missouri Police department has reported on Facebook that armed robbers are using Pokémon Go’s “Lure” item to attract victims and rob them at gunpoint.

The police department has apparently received numerous reports of four suspects pulling off the same crime multiple times in the area.

The thieves were apparently able to rob 11 players between the ages of 16 and 18 stated Sergeant Bill Stringer of the OPD in an interview with Motherboard.

Lures in Pokémon Go are used to attract additional Pokémon to specific areas where players can find items called Pokéstops. Lures are either earned by levelling up your character or through in-app purchases.

Players hunting down augmented reality Pocket Monsters have been running into various bizarre situations, including a Wyoming Teen discovering a dead body.

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