There are now 1.4-billion active Android users across the world

Nexus 5

Prior to the excitement that was the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P unveilings, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that there are now 1.4-billion 30-day active Android users across the world.

That’s a noteworthy number in and of itself. However, perhaps more impressive is the fact that during Google I/O Pichai told the world Android had reached the 1-billion active user milestone. In the span of short four months, the number of active Android users swelled by 400-million.

According to the CEO, most of that growth has come from countries like Vietnam and Indonesia — places where people are gaining access to their first ever smartphone (and, in many cases, their first computing device).

Those same users are also visiting the Play store are a significant rate. In the past 30 days, more than 1-billion have visited the Google Play Store.

Moreover, it’s not just Android that’s doing well. Pichai announced that, thanks to more than 30,000 Chromebooks being activated each day, there are now more Chromebooks in U.S. schools than all other computing devices combined. With Google recently launching a program to put Chromebooks and Android tablets in Canadian schools, it’s seems like it’s only a matter of time before the same is true in Canada.

Correction: an initial version of the article said there 1.4-billion Android users, not 1.4-billion active users. Also, it incorrectly stated that 30,000 Chromebooks were being activated each year. Thanks to everyone that pointed out the mistakes.

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