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Google Glass Enterprise Edition will reportedly be foldable and water-resistant

Google Glass

In the last couple of months, we’ve gotten a steady flow of leaks about the upcoming Enterprise Edition of Google Glass. We’ve been getting more and more signs lately that a new generation of Google Glass targeted to the workplace is coming very soon.

This week, the folks at 9to5Google have even more details about the upcoming device relating to the structural differences between the original Explorer Edition and the new Enterprise version. First up, the new hardware will look and behave quite a bit more like ordinary sunglasses. The new Glass is said to fold up like regular eyeglasses, as well as being more rugged than the Explorer Edition, since these will supposedly be pitched more to enterprise customers and workplaces. The new Edition is also said to be water resistant to a much higher specification, with fewer buttons and ports where water can get in. Overall, the look will be more industrial, and will favour form over fashion.

Google is on record saying that the new Glass will only be available to enterprise partners through the Google for Work partnerships at launch. It is possible that this product will never actually be available in retail, but the lacklustre sales of the Explorer Edition would indicate people aren’t that interested, at least at $1500 a unit. We’ll find out soon enough if Google are giving up on consumer sales of Google Glass, as the product could debut very soon.


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