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Apple Watch accounted for 75% of smartwatch market share last quarter: Strategy Analytics

Apple Watch

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and the line of Gear smartwatches have certainly been turning heads, but it remains to be seen if they will really sell in large numbers. However, according to the latest data, it seems that only one company is really having success selling wrist-worn gadgets.

According to a report by Strategy Analytics released today, smartwatch shipments have increased over 457% from last year, hitting a record 5.3 million units last quarter. Of that, the report estimates that about four million of the watches shipped were Apple Watches, making up about 75% of the total market for smartwatches. Despite supply constraints and launching mid-way through the quarter, Apple has opened up a considerable lead on Samsung and the other smartwatch manufacturers, while Samsung actually sold fewer watches than it did in Q2 of 2014.

Apple has chosen not to disclose exact numbers of Apple Watches sold, so we have to rely on these estimates, and some educated guesses centred on Apple’s overall earnings increases from previous years. The company did confirm that it sold every unit shipped, and until recently it was severely supply-constrained. Given these numbers though, it seems that Apple are outselling all other manufacturers at least 8 to 1, and the company says it is gearing up to have enough supply for a busy holiday season. It’s fair to say that Samsung and the other smartwatch manufacturers have a long road ahead if they hope to catch up to Apple’s Watch sales.

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