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LG Watch Urbane will be available “starting this month” through the Canadian Google Store

LG has announced the Watch Urbane, its premium smartwatch, will be available for Canadians to purchase via the Google Store “starting this month,” but gave no confirmed release date.

LG did indicate the Watch Urbane will come with a couple of new features not found on competing Android smartwatches, dubbed LG Call and LG Pulse. LG Call allows the user to access recent calls and contacts from a connected smartphone. As for LG Pulse, the feature “takes health monitoring to a whole new level by measuring the wearer’s heart rate every second during exercise with no maximum time limit.” LG will then use LG Health, which is coming soon, to display a heart rate graph that shows an average heart rate over the duration of your activity.

LG Watch Urbane pricing will be announced “at the time of availability” with an expected retail price around $350 to $400. The Watch Urbane will be available in both rose gold and silver.

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