Telus and CIBC launch Visa rewards credit card, offers points for products and services


  • John W

    The amount of points per transaction received is irrelevant without knowing what they convert into. If it takes 10000 points to get $1 off your next smartphone, whats the point?

    After looking on CIBC, 100 points = 1 dollar

  • So the crappiest bank in Canada joined forces with the worst telco. Some things are better together I suppose.

    • Worst? I wonder how much money you owe them in arrears or how horrible your credit rating is to make that statement, hmmm.

      Bell is getting reamed left right and centre from their former CEO getting the boot for threatening job and trying to control factual news from being published by CTV the largest private cable television network owned in Canada.

      Telus is already shining brighter just because of that.

    • AW Sudo

      Some people don’t read Mobile Syrup enough — there is a class-action lawsuit again Bell for violating privacy rights too.

      Telus is most likely the lesser of the three evils.

    • vn33

      To be honest, I don’t think Telus is the worst telco. My own experience finds that it has decent customer service service, and the plans are comparable the other telcos. I cannot rely complain since I have a corp plan with Telus, but every time I need to contact them, I was treated well.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Telus is the worst telco if you don’t count Bell and Rogers on the list.

    • Chris

      -_-) Of course it’s the worst if you remove everything worse….

    • Ulysses Grant


  • Swerve Brussee

    Points for people who subscribe to their service monthly but wont have the credit card?

  • deltatux

    Looks like Telus is reacting to what Rogers offered. Now let’s see who Bell partners up with. I bet TD or National Bank.

  • John W

    I gave the full details from the source website and my comment gets deleted? OK then, thanks MS.

    I think anyone would be better off getting a good rewards credit card as opposed to this, if you follow the source it adds some relevance to the point values given above by Ian.

  • That is a hideous credit card.

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