Microsoft confirms plans to drop ‘Nokia’ from Lumia branding

It’s been over a year since Microsoft announced its purchase of Nokia’s handset business, and the deal was officially signed, sealed, and delivered in April of this year. Now, with 2014 drawing to a close, there’s some talk of what will become of the ’Nokia’ brand within Microsoft.

Though even the most recently released phones have ‘Nokia’ branding (hey, Lumia 830), it should come as no surprise that Nokia won’t be around for very much longer, at least as far as phone-branding is concerned. Microsoft has reportedly confirmed that it will be rebranding from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia in the next few weeks and some of its international social media accounts have already made the switch.

Rumours we heard in September suggested Microsoft would be switching away from Nokia, so today’s news gels with that report quite nicely. However, that same report that said we’d see Microsoft ditch the Nokia branding also said the Windows Phone brand would be subsumed into the larger Windows brand, and that hasn’t happened yet. Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement about its mobile branding but it’s hard to imagine the Windows Phone brand ever really going anyway, especially with other OEMs still using the OS in their devices (it’s not all about the Lumia, you know).

At the same time, Microsoft has been pushing for uniformity in terms of UI and workflow (just like Apple is doing with iOS and Yosemite), and such a move would be in line with its plans to create a Windows experience, as opposed to distinct operating systems for each platform.

[source]The Verge[/source]

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