Study: Annual Internet of Things spending to increase 375% by 2018


  • Columbo

    Typo either in the title or the article. 5.6M to 21B is a 3750x increase, not 375%. And if you want to talk PERCENT increase, that’s a 374900% increase.

    • alphs22

      $5.6M should read $5.6B. Good catch.

    • 5Gs

      Lol authors here don’t ever proof read it before posting. Get used to it.

  • OgtheDim

    Been hearing these sort of stats for awhile now.

    Always the information comes from those who would profit from this increase.

    When it happens, let me know – I’ll be the one in the corner reading an actual book.

  • jon

    All i can say is if any car runs ios i aint buying

  • J-Ro

    The future is going to be a very funny place. Imagine being late for work and before you can start your car, it has to update. Why does everything have to be connected to the net?

    I can’t rely on the internet for accurate facts on history or news but I can rely on it for my thermostat and car?

    This would make for a great sitcom.

  • ScooterinAB

    Damnable that only 6% of businesses have an Internet of Things solution. Although I have to wonder how many businesses would fund such solutions important or necessary. I mean, does the used book stores, full of children’s books and Harlequin novels need an IoT solution? How about the consignment folk art and clothing store? Or the mom and pop (mostly pop) hardware store near where I used to live that still writes out receipts by hand? Or the museum that barely has an operating budget (ie. every museum)? Is an Internet of Things really something that every single business MUST be running? Or is it just a cool gadgetry thing that’s on the horizon?