Rogers says KitKat update for Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 ‘coming soon’


  • Dimitri

    Its Dimitri! lol.

    Saw it updated this morning. Seems like Rogers is going to roll it out soon but soon when. That is the question. At least they made some effort to say ” coming soon”

    Loving that 4.4 will come soon to the Note 3! Rethinking of keeping the Note 3 instead of getting the HTC M8 ( Or whatever it will be called)

    • arthurz

      How do you get these news Dimitri?

    • Dimitri

      Its on the Rogers site. They have forums in which Rogers posted a thread updating it with this info. Been on the Rogers forums for years so i see it before others. The link is posted on the post by mobilesyrup above.

  • Super_Deluxe

    *Sighs while staring at his LG G2*

    • Dimitri

      Seems like LG & the carriers are delaying it. I would have thought LG would have been before the Note 3 & S4 on getting Kit Kat 4.4.

    • Super_Deluxe

      It would be a miracle if LG released an update before its competitors. But I’m just waiting for a stable version of CM11 and if it does come before LG’s update (which I wont be surprised at all if it does happen) then i’ll pass on LG’s update and load that. Screw them.

    • TonyC

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like LG still lacks commitment to updating older devices. When they got picked to build the N4 I was hoping that would change, but it never happened. Looks like my wife’s G will be stuck on JB forever.

    • Matt

      Be careful kit Kat not good software
      i hade on my LG NEXUS really sucked
      there no different on gelbeen yes lot cleaner
      but lots of error

    • Super_Deluxe

      Please stop spamming this article with your bs…

  • Rich

    I’m genuinely surprised Kit Kat isn’t out for these devices already.

    • Dimitri

      Samsung most likely wanted to test the update before sending it out. Making sure most of their bloatware / programs & such work without issues.

      Then its the carriers that take their sweet as time to update the device.

    • Matt

      I hade a goolge nextus if you asked me really stupid that thay didn’t work out the bugs error malware stupid
      my Lord 3 errors in one day What was really stupid os thay should rethink a before launched it in Japanese phones
      thay rethink every thing north America
      software really sucks outdated
      I’m sorry comments is the experience
      I hade??

    • Dimitri

      A troll is a troll but can you at least for the sake of god learn to spell?. Its sad too see people like you troll let alone can not even spell..

  • Matt

    Kit Kat is not good upgrade Google nexus have up grade to kit Kat is not friendly use
    Lot errors not this 3 of think in one day
    What stupid you can’t call goolge or kit Kat
    android system just blogs os end this note
    it really sucks kit Kat?
    Plseses kit kat chack your software out
    because I have installed LG nexus fride my phone.Gely been is butter lot less errors
    there are some not as much?

    • Dimitri

      Please proof read & edit your post before making a really bad post without even knowing anything & making claims that are plain dumb. On top of that i really doubt u even have the LG Nexus.

      All OS upgrades / updates have issues. Get used to it because no OS or update is perfect.

    • Matt

      I’m sorry for last comments I have made
      in the group just the experience I hade
      guss i here no upgrades are perfect

    • Rawrrr

      WTF did you just write? I want to get in on whatever you’re smoking cuz clearly it’s working!

    • Al Chui

      I think he’s sharing a crack pipe with Mayor Ford. Or maybe he’s Bieber’s Xanax dealer.

  • arthurz

    How is it positioned relative to the other carriers? And other countries?

  • teddygramz2060

    will the samung tab 3 7.0 wifi getting the kitkat update too?

    • Leif Shantz

      Yes it will it is one of 10 devices that Samsung put on the upgrade list so nothing to worry! I don’t have any of their tablets. I have a iPad 2 which is 2 years old.

  • Crim2k

    Slow news day?

    • Dimitri

      This was posted 2 days ago my friend. Look at the date. They had a lot for that day & posted this too.

    • Crim2k

      My point is that when it comes to updates, Rogers default setting is “soon”.

      Ergo, this isn’t really news.
      I’m glad I could clear this up for you. You’re welcome.

    • Dimitri

      Every carriers default is “Soon”. You aren’t clearing anything up my friend.

    • Crim2k

      Slow day for you? Disqus was nice enough to digest your recents posts for me, and I notice that you spend an inordinate amount of time trolling people, while calling they themselves trolls.

      At any rate, I’m going to see what I can do about blocking you.

    • Dimitri

      Please do block me! If i troll please do show it to Daniel and Ian. 🙂

  • Hail Eff

    This is solely the only thing I hate when it comes to Android – waiting for the damn software updates as it is SLOWLY sent to different devices in small sets is beyond agonizing and annoying.

    I know why it happens, but I don’t have to like it.

  • AReid

    With the prices you have to pay to get a “flagship” phone from Rogers, said phones should be at the top of the list when it comes to updates. i.e. Nexus gets their update, Note 3 should be 2-4wks behind.

  • kitty

    Rogers can’t tell me a date, and Samsung Canada gave me a “don’t know” as well.


  • tanya

    Is the s3 getting the update? ?? On the droid site it says yes, what about rogers??

  • kitty

    Hurry your arse up rogers and get us some KitKat.

    Nobody wants your sh1tty bloatware anyways!

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    anyone know if the kitkat update for note 3 is available with Wind mobile?