HTC One KitKat update now available to download (Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, WIND)


  • OMFCody

    Very impressed with HTC. They said they would get the carrier version update out within 90 days and they stuck to it. Well done!

  • Quinn Neumiiller

    SaskTel customers are receiving the update as well

  • juice

    TELUS has it…. Downloading now.

    • Jose´Cruz

      The camera is fix???

  • John

    Downloading from Bell as well! 🙂

  • StevieY

    Enjoy your last update, HTC One users! HTC’s a sinking ship

    • Nahuel

      Hater =P

    • KiwiBri

      lol. I think BB is already a submarine.. HTC will not sink as fast if at all.. 😉

    • AEB_944

      huh, i saw your post history… you have definitely perfected the art of whining like a lil B*#CH

    • VinceBabin

      He has a point, HTC has a habit of focusing updates to its current flag ship. I just updated my one.. not sure what really was new…?

    • Thr1ve

      You again? Haven’t you been saying that for a long time now? Yet they’re still here, and have even better devices on the way…

      Meanwhile, Samsung devices just got 4.3… I’ll stick with HTC’s far superior devices, thanks. Enjoy waiting even longer for 4.4.2, if you even get it…

    • StevieY

      lol enjoy your inevitable hardware failure and support dropping. HTC built their grave.

    • VinceBabin

      I, as a One owner, 100% agree with you.

      Let’s go chat with all the pissed off as hell HTC One X owners out there that got screwed out of future updates. The One will possibly, and that’s being sunshine and rainbows optimistic here, see one more update that might contain sense 6.0. After that no more. I really like the feel and style of the phone, but hate the company that made it.

      90% of the human population hate being told opinions or facts that contradict their views, so by all means follow, just don’t be surprised when the ground falls out from under you.

    • Thr1ve

      The One X is 3 months shy from being a 2 year old device, software support has to end some time, HTC (or any other manufacturer) can’t support devices forever… Also, 2 years is exactly how long manufacturers were supposed to support their devices, per Google’s request… I’d rather manufacturers stop supporting devices after 2 years than taking the same route Apple does by pushing updates to devices that cannot even run it, making the device unusable and about as useful as a brick… Besides, most people who actually care about updates would have upgraded their hardware already (or are about to), or they would have taken steps to get said updates in other ways (rooting + custom ROM)…

    • VinceBabin

      You need to remember that HTC gave up on the OneX BEFORE it came close to 2years old. When we see the next version of android the M7 will be fast approaching 2 years old and thus, back to my original comment, this is more than likely one of the last updates the one will see. I would be impressed to see a large update for the One past May 2014.

      As for your Apple argument, I still have an IPhone 4 (mid 2010 release) running ios 7.0.2 just nice and smooth.

      I thought google was making android more efficient to run on lower end hardware?

    • Thr1ve

      Inevitable hardware failure? I still have a 5 year old ADP (HTC Dream) sitting in a drawer that still works perfectly, not to mention an almost 2 year old HTC One X that I gave to my brother that is still working perfectly for him (to replace his Galaxy S III with a display that just stopped working a few months after he bought it, that both Bell and Samsung refused to fix or replace unless he shelled out $300+). Not to mention my old Nexus One (made by HTC) and Desire Z that I used for well over a year without issues… None of the HTC phones I’ve ever owned had any hardware failures, wish I could say the same about the Samsung, Apple, LG, BB and Motorola phones I’ve owned…

    • Isaac Quach

      If ur an apple user just leave.. And samsung is doing EVERYTHING in their power to make htc inunique sooo obviously its doing a great job

  • deltatux

    Great to see another non-Nexus device getting Android 4.4. Hopefully this is a sign that manufacturers realize the value of keeping on top of the operating system updates!

  • anti robellus

    Now that is impressive from HTC

  • Felix

    What does this update give users on non nexus devices?

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Not sure. A new version of sense maybe?

    • KiwiBri

      hoping for sense 5.5 to improve camera

      .. phone restarting now…

    • VinceBabin

      Did you notice a camera improvement? I didn’t.

    • Jay

      Just upgraded my HTC One on Rogers Wireless to 4.4.2.

      There’s not a whole lot different from what I gather…

      1. Sense 5.5 🙂 This includes updates to feeds in BlinkFeed, as well as the option to get rid of it entirely. Also included seems to be options to change the quick settings in the notification window, and re-arrange them to your liking.

      They’ve also updated the presentation of the multi-tasking. Apps are now larger on the screen and have the app names on the bottom inside a translucent bar. Much cleaner and well-presented.

      2. The battery icon is now white, at least at a semi-full charge My phone is at 88% and the battery bar is white. I don’t know how it handles things as your battery drains, whether it still turns yellow/red.

      3. The dialer is now updated to allow contextual entries through the dialpad. Your phone will search through your contacts for matching numbers, as well as the corresponding T9 letters as well… ie: pressing 666 will search through my contacts for any phone numbers containing “666” but ends up suggesting “Mom” as those letters correspond to 666 on the dialer. Pretty neat.

      Other than that, I haven’t found much else different. Mind you I just upgraded maybe 20 mins ago.

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Rather than explaining it, I would recommend doing a Google search bud 🙂

  • KiwiBri

    WOW!! I Am truly amazed!! Truly!

    I cant believe I’m going to say “Thanks Rogers/HTC” on this one!

    Edit: Downloading update now on LTE

  • Broken Permission

    Good job, HTC and Canadian carriers!

    Good bye, App Ops. 🙁

  • Nahuel

    Yeah!!! Im impressed! I got it on Rogers

  • Tech Guru

    Ugh i can’t turn off the lockscreen now? Come on.

    • Outlander

      I noticed this bug too. Very annoying. Hope HTC fixes this problem. In the meantime, use the App “No Lock”.

  • Kamalesh

    No 5×6 grid size available ? any one notice that

  • Chris Johnston

    Wifi – on a shared (workplace) wireless internet connection – the update says it is going to take 6 hours – I miss Waterloo!

  • rgl168

    HTC hasn’t updated their diagram yet on the site

  • Mike R

    Be nice if Rogers would do the same for Nokia 920

  • FunkyMonkey

    Not being a hater, but if you have HTC one, why on earth won’t you install vanilla GPE over the manufacturer’s? I just dun geddit…

    • Tech Guru

      Stock is limited in certain areas, also I found I’d get 15-20% worse battery life with the GPE rom… but that’s just me.

    • CdnChris

      Some folks dig Sense. I turned my HTC One into a GPE, but it’s a non-trivial process I wouldn’t expect most folks would want to spend the time and take the risk to convert it.

    • Jay

      Sense is actually really nice and very intuitive once you get the basics of it. It’s quicker and snappier than any of the other manufacturer’s overlays that I’ve tried, especially now that I’ve updated.

  • dfdunworry

    On bell and updating !

  • Byron Jennings

    Upgrade, no big difference.

  • Chris

    i got it and so far, pretty great. more impressed that they actually lived up to their promise

  • prince

    Totally Impressed with HTC. Delivered as promised.

  • DDroid45

    cant wait to get for att, honestly i wont be to upset if i dont get another version of kitkat, i actually would just hope i get sense 6.0, sense always was a thing of beauty

  • KiwiBri

    I noticed new gallery options etc. Also camera is noticeably faster for me (yay!)

    New coloured “Emoji” characters also used now.
    More options in Blinkfeed. Going to have to find a list of changes somewhere

  • KiwiBri

    I must admit, I love the Gallery Highlight Video feature. I create videos of family events quickly on the phone and upload to YouTube to share with Overseas family. Works really well. Even to get an instant video to show people of a gallery is great.
    This feature would be missed if I went to another Device.

  • Tcharger

    Got it…seems to be a bit snappier, but not a hell of a lot of change.

    Was REALLY hoping to see the option to switch Dalvik to ART

  • Cole MacDonald

    It is awesome that they kept there mandate for the end of the month!

  • Eugene

    Does new update still support flash player on thc ? (flash player works very well on nativ browser . The optition located right next to Desctop view)

    • Derek Manning

      It’s gone

  • Jose´Cruz

    The purple color in the camera any one note a fix ??? o_O

  • Andy Cole

    Just got it on my Rogers. Not a lot is different in this update, which I think reflects how far the Android OS has come. Solid software on an equally solid phone! Very impressed by HTC.

  • Krishna Ramachandran

    I have face unlocking for my cellphone but after update the detecting screen is only half of the entire screen..Its kind of weird 🙁

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    This will make my bro happy. I got my rogers moto x upgrade 2 days ago. Happy happy… Joy joy!!

  • Krishna Ramachandran

    I am using face unlocking for my HTC one but after upgrade to kitkat, the detecting screen looks half of the total screen..kind of weird! Do anyone noticed that??

  • Amadeus

    Rogers HTC One update done!
    HTC is no different than others. LG failed to update its 3D phone a while back too…it’s simply the life of the phone as we demand more powerful gadgets. Live with it and either love what you have or upgrade.

  • Snehjot

    Got the update on my bell HTC one ! Faith in HTC doubled tripled quadrupled! HTC rocks!

  • Francis Lim

    Dose “Ok Google” voice command for Google Now voice search activation work in the HTC One version of 4.4.2? I can’t seem to find a way to enable it. My friend has the Developer Edition of HTC One and he can use “Ok Google” command instead of touching the microphone icon in Google Now.

    • Graham

      the hotword detection works as long as you set the language to English (US). Doesn’t work with Cdn English.

    • khmerkilla

      Thanks, I’ve actually been trying to get this to work for a long time. You’ve solved it 🙂

    • Graham

      Glad to help! Makes Google Now so much more useful now eh? I was waiting for it for forever.

  • Jeremy Oakes

    Just read this. Updating now on Rogers in NS!

  • Derek Manning

    New music player interface, and a couple of new visualizations also added…

  • ricky hicks

    Got it today htc one

  • Seye Kuyinu

    Just got the update on my HTC One (International)

  • Joseph Grigoletti

    Bell / Virgin Mobile has it. If only they would get rid of sense and create a pure android experience.

  • Andres Galvan

    Great job, HTC!! I can see the One being updated until the Fall or early Winter of 2014. One or two more major Android update and one or two more major Sense updates. I’d be happy with 20 months of updates after a launch.

  • Andres Galvan

    Great job, HTC!! I can see the One being updated until the Fall or early Winter of 2014. One or two more major Android update and one or two more major Sense updates. I’d be happy with 20 months of updates after a launch.

  • Denis Nossevitch

    This update annihilated my One’s battery life! Even on standby, with WiFi and data both disabled, the battery drains by 20-30% each night.

  • andrew ratcliffe

    Rogers htc one mini no update yet :/ when does it get certified ??

  • Weepaul Simpson

    Just received 4.4.2 on my htc1,,,all’s well

  • Weepaul Simpson

    No 4g in Tayside though grrrrrrrrrr

  • Out2late

    any way to re-install 4.4.2? I think I might have deleted a file when I was in the root directory

  • lumberjake

    I just read about the low light purple tint camera issue with the HTC One M7 and noticed mine has the problem. Has any other Canadian here who got their phone through Virgin had theirs warrantied? If so, what was the process?