Rogers suretap Wallet launching soon, will come pre-loaded on future devices with a pre-paid MasterCard


  • Lexcyn

    We need a carrier agnostic version for this to be successful. Hello Google Wallet? I can dream…

  • silver_arrow

    Lets just get a carrier agnostic version. Even if each card company has a different app as long as I can install those apps on all different carriers I am good.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Two problems Rogers,

    1) No Visa or TD support

    2) the security of this payment method hasn’t been proven yet so I don’t think people will trust or rely on this method just yet.

    • JTon

      Don’t you think people have become accustom to this time of payment through credit card tap payments? If anything the security on the tap is weaker

    • Guest

      Are there any mobile wallets out in Canada that work with Visas?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Nope unfortunately

    • Yulet

      TD is in the Stone Age, time to change banks.

    • Super_Deluxe

      They have great customer service well atleast for the 5 years Ive been with them and also their branch is literally right across my house so why not

    • Sweet

      TD and PC Financial announced a mobile wallet program last fall. They’re supposed to be rolling it out this spring.

  • Chris

    Google really couldn’t get Wallet here any sooner. Rich bullies with greed, power and their control over these things is such a downer on out working/middle class. Screw Rogers. And the other two.

  • gtasscarlo

    But how would I get that angry face when I give an AMEX.

  • Sweet

    Did anyone bother asking Robinson how SureTap is better than Google Wallet ? Phones like the Galaxy S4 and the BB10 phones, already have NFC and built-in secure elements, making it even more obvious that these carrier solutions are nothing more than a cash grab.

  • Ulysses Grant

    This is exciting..Rogers will surely tap our wallets in no time.

  • TP

    So, this whole’ mobile payment’ works when the combination of carrier + credit card company + bank + device meets the requirement, right? Are we playing lotto?

  • Sweet

    After giving it some more thought, I’ve realized that the carriers’ SIM solution may be more secure than using the built-in secure element, providing they implement their SIM solution by storing the sensitive data in the SIM such that only the carrier can edit it.

    That would have the advantage that no rogue app could edit the data. But it would also mean that if you change credit cards, you would have to contact the carrier to get them to update your SIM data.

    The only other advantage I can see with the SIM solution is that it would work for phones that NFC but no secure element (either hardware element or a software-emulated element like Kit Kat has.)

  • kitty

    What’s p1ssed me off so far is paying for the Suretap SIM and can’t get an answer when I can use the f#%#$% thing with my Note 3.

    If it doesn’t support my Aerogold Visa or my Amex – what’s the point?