‘Rogers Alerts’ brings coupons to your smartphone

This was inevitable.

Rogers has teamed up with some heavy hitters and announced a program that delivers ‘Personalized Offers’ to your smartphone. The initiative is called ‘Rogers Alerts’ and you have to opt-in to receive it.

Rogers wants to rid Canadians of clipping coupons from the weekly paper and this new way is “a new location-based mobile solution that allows Rogers wireless customers to access personalized, location-based offers from their favourite retailers on their smartphone.” The system is powered by California-based Placecast and so far Sears Canada, Rogers, Future Shop, Pizza Hut Canada, A&W and Second Cup are the first to bring discounts to Rogers Alert subscribers (free to sign up).

The alerts – which could be $2 off a latte or $5 off your wireless bill – will pop up once you pass by a retailer who is offering a discount in the area. Rogers confirms that you will not be inundated with unwanted texts and notes that there’s a maximum of 4 text message alerts per week. In addition, you can control what types of offers you want, specifically from food, clothing, sports stores, electronics, pet stores and home interiors.

Source: Rogers