Koodo’s El Tabador set to star in a 30-minute sitcom, video games and merchandise

Remember when Koodo Mobile launched their wireless service in 2008 and had those 1980’s style retro dancers decked out in neon (see here). It was a good intro and gained attention. However, as all styles fade, Koodo rebranded their image with an outspoken wrestler named “El Tabador.” This ad strategy has been funny and well executed.

Now that the El Tabador character has matured it seems there’s interest in moving past the 30-second commercial to hit your TV. Carl DeMarco, owner of Camillion Corp. and former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) exec, has struck a global rights deal with TELUS (Koodo’s parent company) for the exclusive use of “El Tabador” and plans to create a 30-minute primetime family TV sitcom, along with content for online, mobile, video games and merchandise.

The sitcom is currently in development and will feature “live action scenes” about “celebrity lifestyle by living in a mansion with an offbeat entourage, and dealing with guest stars from Hollywood and TV wrestling.”

Kevin Banderk, Chief Koodo Officer, stated, “This is an excellent opportunity for Koodo to break the traditional barriers of marketing, sponsorship and advertising. We’re excited for the chance to further entrench El Tabador into popular culture.”

The Camillion website now reads, “As a spokesperson, he captured the Canadian mobile market. As a World Champion Wrestler, he captured the most coveted title in the sport. In his up and coming TV series, he’ll capture the world.”

Source: MarketWiredStrategy
Via: Camillion