Apple says an update to iOS 7 is coming that will fix random home screen crashes


  • Generalissimo_S

    I upgraded my wife’s iPhone 4, and my iPhone 4S to iOS7. Big mistake. The 4 just slowed to a crawl, and the 4S wasn’t much better. Just about to order the Nexus 5 to give Android a shot.

    • Anaron

      You won’t be disappointed with the Nexus 5. It’s very fast and the screen is amazing.

    • Dave

      Turn on reduce motion under accessibility.

      Settings, general, accessibility, reduce motion on

      This should help

    • Joseph

      the lastest iterations of iOS have always crippled their phones

    • Wizzy

      Wait, I thought that OS upgrades for old devices was a good thing? Android is always taking criticism for that while Apple updates old phones that can’t handle their new bloated versions.

  • Thr1ve

    It took them over 4 months to fix such a huge issue? Really? So much for iOS’ supposed stability over other platforms…