Samsung confirms more Tizen delays

Bad news for those expecting major Tizen OS news at Mobile World Congress in February. Only a month after invitations had been sent out for a MWC event featuring several Tizen OS device announcements, a Samsung official has confirmed that these devices will not launch until the second half of 2014 at the earliest.

“It is true that the release has been delayed,” said one official at Samsung Electronics’ Media Solution Center (MSC) today in Korea. “Previously we did had planned to release in the first half of this year in several countries, including Korea and Russia.”

The delay is a familiar story for proponents of the open source, Linux-based OS, which was originally intended for release with major support from Samsung last year, but subsequently delayed. The Samsung official gave no specific reason for the new delay, but internet rumours currently circulating of carriers souring on the OS might be more than a coincidence.

We’re far too close for any launch delays to completely derail Tizen’s presence at MWC, so expect some form of Tizen news out of Barcelona. Whether it’s good news or more bad news remains to be seen.

[source]Tizen Indonesia[/source][via]Tizen Experts[/via]