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Apple: ‘79% of devices are using iOS 7’

Apple recently introduced a set of stats that revealed what iOS version users were using when they visited the App Store.

A month ago the newly revamped iOS 7 was sitting pretty at 74%, up from 60% when the OS launched in October. It seems the stats are growing at a two percentage rate as now showing that “78% of devices are using iOS 7.” iOS 6 users visiting the App Store make up for 18%, followed by 4% using earlier versions. These stats are mainly for the developer community and unfortunately there’s no hard number of how many visits the App Store is seeing.

Update, January 13th: For those interested in keeping track of the iOS 7 adoption rate, Apple has once again updated its chart (below) and now shows a 1% increase to “79% of devices are using iOS 7.” Those visiting the App Store on iOS 6 stay firm at 18%, while earlier versions drop a percentage to 3%.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.46.02 PM

Source: Apple

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