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Montreal’s Hexoskin Biometric Shirt Wins Best Wearable Device

A smart shirt that can help save your life was awarded “Best Device” at the Wearable Tech Expo last week. Montreal-based Hexoskin beat out seventeen other companies that demoed their wearables at the Expo Forum, which took place in Los Angeles California.

Hexoskin is a biometric shirt that tracks your movement, respiration and heart activity. The device records all your body metrics and sends that data over to a Bluetooth connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The data is then interpreted in an app to help you optimize your physical training, monitor stress and even improve your sleep. Hexoskin believes that the more you know about your body, the longer, happier and healthier you will live.

Hexoskin just successfully wrapped up their Indiegogo campaign, which ended in October, reaching 165% of their crowdfunding goal. Backers are expected to receive their compression shirts as early as the first quarter of 2014.

Among the other wearables that presented at the Expo Forum last week were posture and movement sensor, LUMOback, Google Glass competitor, Vuzix, and smartwatch designer, MetaWatch.

Fellow Canadian company Sulon Technologies was also part of the demo group. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sulon is developing a head-mounted gaming platform called Xtreme Reality which blurs the line between augmented and virtual reality. Sulon’s gaming system took home an award for Best Advanced Technology.

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