Mobilicity’s President says its Boxing Day sale will be the ‘Most aggressive offer we will have in 2013’

The Q4 holiday rush has always been the busiest time of year for Canadian carriers. This is where we see them all scramble to deplete inventory and entice customers to sign up by offering some sort of plan promo — usually in the form of reduced cost or increased minutes/texts/data.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a different tune over at Mobilicity. The struggling wireless carrier was first out to promote their $30/month all-in holiday plan in mid-November, but now the company’s President is teasing their Boxing Day sale. Anthony Booth took to Twitter recently to declare their upcoming Boxing Day sale is amazing. “Wow. Most aggressive offer we will have in 2013.”

Certainly compelling words as it’ll be tough to beat a $30/month offer. On the other hand, Mobilicity is currently in the process of selling off their assets to the highest bidder and, unless there’s a spectacular miracle, probably won’t make it to see the end of 2014.

Source: Twitter