Rogers to launch Loyalty Credit Card “within the next year”



    For every $10, 000 you spend, we’ll knock 10c off your bill! How can you say no? Sign up today and get a bonus 50c off your next bill!!!

    • LeafsFanGirl


    • hardy83

      *must sign a 3 year contract to use the card every month or face a $10 service fee.

      **Interest will start at 35% but may increase at anytime we feel like it, so around ever 3 months. Most likely a 5% increase every time we up the rate.

      ***If you wish to cancel your card you will have to pay a $350 cancellation fee plus $300 for every month you still have on the contract.

      ****10c loan removal promotion may be removed from your card at any point we feel like it.

    • Murdock25

      More like…For every $10,000 you spend, you receive a FREE gift! Your choice from these 3 shitty ringtones, a wallpaper or a 6 months subscription to Chatelaine! Thank you for being a loyal customer.


      a 6 months subscription to Chatelaine… that you must remember to cancel or we’ll charge 100x the newsstand rate to your new Rogers Mastercard!!!

    • grantdude

      10c sounds generous coming from Rogers

  • Bob

    I want one!

  • sicsicpuppy

    By loyalty they mean ……..suckers


      “By signing this Cardholder agreement you are agreeing to not use any other form of payment for the next 36 months.”

    • sicsicpuppy

      And all usable organs


      Especially the brain, it’s against Rogers best interest.

    • badtaco

      Kinda like BB users, right?

  • sausages

    Sod off.

  • No1B4Me

    Too late, everyone went to Verizon. Oh wait!

  • Super_Deluxe


    • FiveOD

      Yeah, you aren’t doing a very good job of keeping crooks away from your money if you have an account with a major bank…

    • badtaco


  • B-Mac

    my father has been with Roger’s in some way with some service of there’s for 25 straight years, if he is not one of the first people offered, this is a farce

    • lukev

      my condolences to your father

    • Alex

      sympathies you mean?

  • Justin

    Any rewards?? Ohh right.. before i get the so-called reward, i have to pay 200$ fee first…

  • canuck07

    will probably need a $100 admin fee to redeem a $5 reward

  • expunisher

    Interest rate when paid on-time (3 days early) is 3.5% +ANGF (arbitrary non-government fee) of 28.8%, if payment is missed by one (1) day all your rogers services will be downgraded. A connection fee of $10/month will exist unless a balance of $1000 exists. Ummm worst idea ever

  • Rawrrr

    BS.. should’ve done this LONG TIME ago. Even then, I still won’t go back to Rog

  • Netguru

    I can just image all the umm creative fees Rogers will tack on to this credit card.

  • Superphone88

    I don’t know what you people are saying. This is a Rogers branded credit card issued by a bank like credit cards with Walmart and Target branding, Rogers has little to no control on fees. Rogers has the best LTE in Vancouver and possibly the best retention plans. I have had a much worse experience with Bell and Telus, Rogers is the lesser devil.

    • Yulet

      Does TELUS have a retention department? lol.. TELUS won’t even give you a cent to keep you as a customer like Rogers, so I just left TELUS and opened an account with Rogers. TELUS is all BS. They put YOU first, lol they have the most expensive (tablet) plan(s), and they don’t even match Rogers and Bell’s double data offering. They got rid of activation fees, but they get at least 10x more than that activation fee in a year, I’d rather pay Rogers a $15 activation fee.

  • tech3

    Been with Rogers for over 20 years. Loyalty!! Has it been returned in any way, shape or form? NO!!! Rogers needs to get smaller, not bigger. Can’t wait for competition to smarten Canada’s cell companies.

  • Anthony

    hoping that this fails miserably 🙂

  • Liberal Phone Person

    only a matter of time before the two most evil industries united.

  • Sensualpoet

    I believe what the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions has done is granted Rogers the ability to create a bank and therefore be subject to all the regulations, obligations and oversight of every other bank in Canada (there aren’t that many). Unlike, say, Shopper’s Drug Mart credit card — issued under the authority of Bank of Montreal and acting as a franchise for MasterCard — I believe this means Rogers credit card will be issued under the authority of Rogers Bank and acting as a franchise of Visa or MasterCard (the usual suspects).

  • Alex

    Great idea… if you want to owe them even more money each month.

  • realitycheck

    LOL credit card?? its scary because they cant even get my cell phone bill right….

  • kroms

    L M A O . Anyone getting this needs to be seriously taken for all they are worth and them some.

  • Martin Chan

    If the bank of Robellus ever comes into existence…