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BlackBerry: BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 weeks ago

BlackBerry has a short window to deliver on its promise to bring its popular BlackBerry Messenger service to Android and iPhone users. The company announced back in May that they would release the app to both platforms before the end of the Summer – which is coming up fast on September 21st.

Alex Kinsella, BlackBerry’s Social Media Manager, took to Twitter to give a quick update and stated “Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 wks ago.” Depending on Apple’s review process the app should be approved any day, then eager iPhone users can start BBMing.

BBM for Android will require OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher and BBM for iPhone will work on devices running iOS 6 or higher. At launch the app will be limited to messaging and groups, then eventually will have additional features such as video.

Source: Twitter