Virgin Mobile says “BIG THINGS ARE COMING”


  • skullan

    By big things, want to guess they mean higher bills?

    • ICS_Lover

      Yeah, that’s exactly it – you’re on the effin dot – they’re ADVERTISING higher bills to pull in more customers because everyone LOVES higher bills – great effin deduction skills Sherlock!

    • skullan


      Google sarcasm.
      Then, google sense of humour.

    • RG

      I actually think their announcement does have to do with bills….the type on their bills is going to be bigger (and easier to read)

    • skullan

      I’m waiting for 3D bills.


    • Beth McIver

      The suspense is killing me!!!


      “We’ve been listening here at Robellus, and we understand you don’t like large bills. Effective immediately, all bills will printed with 6pt fonts. You’re welcome!”

    • Ali Issa

      Lol u don’t sarcasm do u?

    • ICS_Lover

      I fail @ sarcasm 🙁

    • Supacon

      lol… That’s more the reality than what they are attempting to hint at.

  • Andrew P.

    Seeing that the Note3 was just recently announced, And the Samsung Mega, I’d vote for those. As for the “iPhone 5s” nothing is official until it’s officially announced. So… even though we all know Apple is going to release some sort of iPhone in the next couple days… it’s not official. Yet.

    • Zed

      Seeing how Virgin, nor any other of the 3 sub-brands, ever carried the Note, I doubt they’ll carry it now. Maybe the mega? Since it’s not really that much of a high-end phone, but at the same time, it’s not really a regular phone either.

  • canuck07

    Big rip-offs are coming. Hang on to your a*s folks.

  • tyresmoke

    So naive, obviously they’re talking about prices.

    • Alex

      That was my first thought too. Immediately. Without hesitation.

  • Samzies

    “We hope it’s the new iPhone.”

    Way to show you objective reporting mobilesyrup. But I don’t think anyone is shocked at your desire for the iPhone, but it does show your hand when putting out reviews or when discussing comparisons of the iPhone to any other device. Oh well.

  • Derek

    The latest technologically advanced smartphones cost money to engineer and assemble for the vast consumer based world. Money that hard working people have.


    can’t be the iPhone as there’s nothing big about it in the slightest

    • skullan

      Well, if iOS 7 is being released, plus the iPhone 5S (or plus the 5c), it’s completely possible that it will draw more back into the Apple fold.

    • Salinger

      Doubtful. If someone has already chosen to leave Apple, I doubt the 5S or iOS7 is going to draw them back.

      The 5S will be the exact same phone with a few minor spec bumps. iOS7 is almost purely aesthetic changes. The few new functionalities it offers are things that have been done ages ago elsewhere and done better.

      I’m sure there’ll be the usual queues and excitement at Apple stores for this phone, but as for a driver to convert people to, or back to iOS I don’t see it. If they haven’t been persuaded previously, I don’t think there’s enough here to do it. The only thing that might draw some, is the rumoured cheaper 5C if the price is low enough.

    • expat

      Best comment here so far!

  • eszklar

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra?

    • aniym

      Would be fantastic but basically impossible

  • Ken

    I just can’t wait for the “smoke signal” plan great on the wallet and unlimited data. LOL

    • skullan

      Actually, the smoke signals would be the data. How are you at binary?

    • Ken

      Actually skullan for a senior citizen I probably would fail at that, is that an exotic food? LOL

  • Rob

    Entering their name into the companies bidding on spectrum

  • Scott

    They try to reel us in with fancy devices… but the plans are so expensive you stress out if you even turn it on. Tell us about your plans Virgin… got anything other than “ripoff”?

    • expat

      The plans would not be so expensive if you bought your own phone first. I hate it when people want to get the most expensive phone subsidized, and complain about plan prices. Go prepaid, with a paid phone!

    • Scott

      Agreed, I just ordered a Blu life play.

  • aniym

    Bell is carrying the Galaxy Mega so I don’t think they’d launch it so soon on their ‘budget’ carrier. That said, I’m on Virgin so I hope that is in fact the Mega.

  • bmw1204

    HTC one max uses that intro right.

  • MobileSerenityNow

    Virgin isn’t getting the Note 3 or the Mega, so it’s either about the iPhone 5S or it’s completely unrelated.

  • downhilldude

    Ian, why do you hope it’s the iPhone?

  • Maurice

    Funny thought, I live in the U.S. So seeing this article and the comments, I was genuinely confused, especially when it comes to the bill. Virgin Mobile is a prepaid subsidy of Sprint, which means that they get Sprint’s junk and charge almost full retail price for it. The hope of any big device coming to Virgin, at least in the U.S. is impossible. They just got the GS3 last month and that phone had been out for over a year. Then again, they also got the iPhone 5 a month ago.

  • Mike Thornhill

    If you think in terms of Virgin Mobile always being at least a year behind in their phone technology, my best bet would be their announcement of the Note II, the Note is BIG so I can see this as being the only thing they could be talking about…IF they’re talking about phones. One big thing they could do is offer a “Bring Your Own Phone” program such as T-Mobile just did, that would be big. I’m banking on the Note II though.

  • Salinger

    This was tweeted from VMC Buzz account which is meant for dealers and agents selling Virgin, not the general public.

    This may be something completely outside a phone announcement, especially if you follow some of the follow-up comments they’ve given in response to comments. It definitely sounds like it’s “bigger” than a new phone announcement.