Rogers announces First Rewards program to keep loyal customers happy, will roll out this summer


  • themattyg

    Want to make customers happy? Don’t over charge, don’t have customer service people who have a hard time speaking your language (whether it be French, English or others), and don’t tie people into bad contracts. I could go on, but I don’t want to write an article.

    • pegger1

      They don’t tie anyone into bad contracts. Only the customer ties themselves into bad contracts. Nobody is forced, it’s a choice. If you’re in a bad contract, it was your bad choice, not them tieing you into it.

    • silver_arrow

      Hmm $100 on a three year contract, $600 on a two year contract, $650 on a three year contract and $700 outright. That totally doesn’t force the consumer into a bad contract…

    • mmmmax

      LOL! First of all why would ANY company give you a subsidy on a $750 phone WITHOUT a contract? You do realize that Rogers, buys these phones from the manufacturer pretty much at full price (especially Apple products)…so they actually lose money when they give it to you for $100…they make it back over the TERM that you signed up for.

      And just like pegger said, no one if forcing you to do anything, consumers always have a choice. Want an expensive premium phone? Pay for it full price and avoid the contract…or if you dont want to, save the upfront cost and spread it over 3 years.

      Watch the phone prices SPIKE once the new CRTC code takes effect with the 2 year contracts.

    • ojeowhr

      rogers do not buy these phones at full price. not even close, it is about 50% of retail price. we get employee pricing phones from rogers and it is not full price, and i really doubt rogers would take the hit for it. a S4 was 310 + tax. so ya rogers is making a buttload off just the hardware.

    • mmmmax

      absolutely false. Samsung would not sell a phone that costs them $200 or more to make (same with apple where the cost can go as high as $300 per unit) For anything less than that. They do not pay full MSRP for sure, but they take a hit on every 3 year phone and make it back during contract OR cancellation fee which equals the full cost of the device.

    • Salinger

      You completely ignored (or misunderstood) the point of Silver Arrow’s post and answered something s/he didn’t ask.

    • mmmmax

      Silver Arrow’s post seems to falsely suggest that Rogers is forcing customers into contracts by offering subsidized pricing? I understand that on a 3 year term the phone is $100…and 2 years it could be $600 1 year $700 and no term $750. That can be seen as “forcing” into a 3 year contract by offering a more lucrative subsidy only for the 3 year term and ignoring the rest. But tell me….what is the point in signing up for a 2 year contract or even 1 year? However the customer always has a choice and can buy the phone outright and enter a mont-to-month term. They are in no way being forced, Rogers just offers a more suitable solution for themselves as well as the customer. Everyone has to make money, if this was YOUR business you would do the same while the going is good. Rogers also lets you change your plan at anytime during your contract without penalty or extension of your term. Therefore, if there is a new, cheaper and better plan released…feel free to change and enjoy the $100 phone, LTE, 24/7 customer service and free tech support that ALL customers take for granted. Canada may have the most expensive cell phone plans…but we have the most advanced networks and fastest wireless data speeds.

    • Salinger

      Silver Arrow pointed out the disparity in subsidies as a backhanded way of “forcing” people into 3 year contracts. Yes, I understand no one is forced at gun point to have a mobile phone.

      Your response to him/her was “why would Rogers give you a subsidy with no contract”. That pretty much didn’t address his/her point at all because that wasn’t what they were saying.

      You did address it in the above and if you believe “because they can” is a legitimate business practice, that’s fine. I tend more to agree with Silver Arrow’s point.

      If this was any normal electronic product, where I could go to Best Buy or Future Shop or anywhere else and buy a phone outright, unlocked and truly own it, I’d tend to agree with you more. But the way the marketplace has evolved here DOES in essence force you into 3 year contracts as there are few, if any, benefits to not signing one. BB and FS in most cases, won’t even sell you a phone off-contract, even locked. You can’t purchase one, even from the manufacturer in most cases. You’re generally left with purchasing from the carriers, and even if you’re willing to do without the latest and greatest the outright price of phones from carriers never drop, even a year or two after release.

      We can play semantics with the word “forced” all we want, but the fact is the wireless players have had 3 decades to do something on their own to avoid the CRTC type code that was just introduced, and instead they used the “because we can” model instead.

    • wintermyst

      Agreed, and when you have your own phone they sure don’t discount the price of the wireless plan to make up for not having to “pay back” a phone.

    • ToniCipriani

      Not if that $750 price is massively inflated in the first place, so they can “subsidize” it.

    • tenofzero

      Well, they make profit off the phone, that’s legit. You think when you buy a PC at future-shop they do not make money from it ? They make it easy for you to buy a phone and charge a premium for it, I buy mine off ebay, not as smooth as just walking into rogers, but I get better prices.

      Now the real ripoff is that they wont lower the price of the plan if they do not subsidize a phone with it !

    • Deli

      Not true. They have ‘hand me down’ plans which is basically using any compatible phone (does not even have to be Rogers branded) and give 10% off on MTM and free sim (not a huge savings but still).

    • tenofzero

      That is true, I forgot they introduced those earlier this year.

      Actually 60$/month plan (What I have) that’s 6$ or 259$/3 years, that’s probably about what they give as a subsidy on the phone before their profit margin.

      I figure a phone they sell for 750$ like the S4, they buy at 500$ or so, and with the contract it’s 230$ for the S4 so over 3 years they subsidize you 270$. Comes out pretty close.

      I still think they over charge, but that’s a different story.

    • Deli

      I think they do charge a bit much (about ~$15 over what I find a good medium).

    • Pier-Alexandre

      If you are not happy pay the remaining price of the phone and you won’t be in any contract anymore…

    • themattyg

      My thoughts exactly. I would gladly go into a 18 month (UK) or 2 year (US) contract and get an SGS4 or iPhone5 or other $600+ phone for <$200. Canadians are getting screwed, and yes, it is Rogers, Bell & Telus' fault. They are biting the hand that feeds them and getting away with it.

    • kroms

      +100 . Sadly that is the problem with Canadians. They think it is ROGERS FAULT . You totally get pegger.

    • Kamil Czerniak

      Then tell me, what if someone wants to get decent phone while not paying whole price upfront? Only option is contract. And as Big 3 has 3-year-contracts as default option (no alternative or ridiculously expensive one), there is no other way.

    • Grinfacked

      So just because “I WANT THAT” I’m entitled to have it? What if someone wants a decent car without having to pay for it up front? How about a home? What about ANY product? That’s right, you becoming beholden to the company that gives it to you.

      The point is, YOU’RE NOT ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING YOU WANT. This is the attitude that drives me insane and what makes our society so crappy.

    • tenofzero

      I think we need to stop these ridiculous mortgages, I want a house, but I don’t want to be locked in long term to pay for it, but I wont pay up front either. I just want the house for 1/5th the asking price no strings atatched.

    • Deli

      nice analogy!!

    • thatcrazyone

      i am so sick of stupid comment about rogers and “the big 3″… they are giving you a 700-900 for a fraction of the cost… sometimes even free! all they ask in return is that you promise to use their service for 3 years and if you decide to leave you pay the remaining balance which is divided between the 36 months of the term… they absorb the cost as part of your monthly bill…. get over it!

    • Deli

      Rogers don’t just sell phones, they still need to pay their 9000 employees and retain/upgrade network. LTE network came from the Gods or were billions spend to build/maintain it?

    • pegger1

      So you want something for nothing? Suck it up princess. If you don’t like the price of the phone blame the manufacturers. Or get a cheap phone if that’s all you can afford. Don’t blame the providers for you signing on with their offer. If you don’t like it, pay full price for the phone.

    • grantdude

      What if you want to buy a decent computer while not paying whole price upfront? Is that Best Buy’s problem too?

    • Alvin Avanzado

      kroms, you are saying this either you are not a Canadian or you work for Rogers.

  • Rafee Hoque

    It would be cool to have a Rewards Program to win Scene Points 🙂

    • J-Ro

      They do, it’s called using your debit card

  • saltorio

    Why do I expect this to be like HBC Points (or any of the hundreds of other rewards programs) where you need to have spent a ridiculous amount on their services to get even the smallest reward (especially with points being in the 1/$1 range).

    Also, I notice how there is no mention about new hardware on either this article or the RedBoard details. My mobile package already includes more services than I use (though I have a decent deal on it – by Canadian standards) and I have no interest in other Rogers services, so how does this benefit me as a long-time customer?

  • nekkidtruth

    I’m interested to know what customers with 15+ years under their belt will start off with. This is all fine and dandy for new customers coming in or folks who have a couple of years with Rogers. But unless they’re planning to start their true loyal customers off with a boost in these reward points, it’s pretty much useless.

  • ArberBeq

    I figured it out, 1000 points = $1 worth of freebies for one month.

  • grantdude

    Is it gonna be like Fido dollars where you have to PAY them to use your Fido dollars?

  • tresfou

    bwahaha. I think that the final straw was that rediculous lawsuit launched to prevent the 3 yr contracts! That’s it! I hate you Rogers!

  • Chuck

    What a load of CRAP!!! Rogers thinks they can fix everybody’s issues with this SCAM, what a JOKE!!! How many hundreds of dollars are you going to have to spend to get ANYTHING out of Rogers, this company does NOT give anything away for free. THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!!

  • sicsicpuppy

    The only good Rogers reward , is to leave Rogers

    • kroms

      LISTEN TO THIS PERSON !! 100% Correct.

    • disqusmy

      Where do you go after that? That’s another piece of the reward..

    • Carl Hall

      tin can and string!

    • Deli

      Rogers has the best network in Vancouver. I cannot attest to the other cities. I have tried Bell and Wind and they do not compare in coverage and building penetration. Network availability is important to me (as it should to everyone who owns a mobile device).

  • JT

    Rogers is going to remove the bundling discount and replace it with the rewards program.

    • beyond

      I’d rather have discount, than reward for some item or service I don’t need or want.

  • Albin

    If Verizon buys some of that ex-TV wireless spectrum and one of the failing bit players for a foot in Canada’s door, THEN you’ll see customer retention goodies from our not-so-big three.

  • Jerry S

    They will give you a subscription to their Rogers magazine service as a reward for a certain time and then have you pay for the renewal. ( hopefully that isn’t the plan ). I have been with Rogers before they were Rogers, Cantel/AT&T. I think it’s been 18 years now so hopefully I get something for being a long term client.

  • Alvin Avanzado

    Rogers think that they are doing us good but will continue to charge us an arm and a leg to give us free Rogers magazine service which is totally bullshit. The only rewarding is to leave Rogers and go elsewhere. You will save money.

  • moe

    People should be wondering, how many customers Rogers lost to come up with this.

  • One of many new Wind customers

    WIND, WIND, WIND. Rogers can ROT in HELL! They can also be congradulated for bing the scummiest organization on the planet!!

  • One of many new Wind customers

    With Wind you dont need points to make a call or check email, just $40 unlimited! Service and reception are fantastic.

  • One of many new Wind customers

    Over 3 years you pay way less than you would with rogers too. Leave asap!!!!

  • karyzma

    The rewards for this program are terrible. They do not make me feel like a valued customer at all. Did they even bother to ask their customers what kind of rewards they wanted? I don’t travel so the travel packs are useless, I don’t call long distance so that’s useless, so basically the only reward I can redeem for is a $3.99 rental. What a joke!
    To top it off, they can’t even make the program work properly. I just received an email stating that “Your Rogers First Rewards points balance displayed on your September Rogers invoice was incorrect. It showed your available balance combined with your pending points. Your pending points should not have been included in your points balance. We have corrected the system error and apologize for this inconvenience.” Another failure!

  • Bo Atki

    This may say rolled across on Service but NOT PLAN. Got a group employer discount wireless and WE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. This is BS as we’re on a 3 yr contract! At $50/mth, it’s basically the same with a few other perks others do not get but still we’re not eligible? Bunch of Crock! Same on you Rogers! So much for VALUING CUSTOMERS (any type of good customer too!)