Moto X will come to Canada as a Rogers exclusive, available in August


  • hunkyleepickle

    I’m so sick of all the marketing buzz words…. LTE max! Full HD! Hero device! Etc etc ad nauseum.

    • ToniCipriani

      I especially like that “Premium Mindset Youth”. They might as just well call them hipsters. Or kids with loaded parents.

    • neodoru

      Not really, they simply refer to the people who prefer to get a galaxy s4, htc one, xperia whatever, rather than galaxy ace, htc one S, and so on.

    • Bbrysucks

      Ohrly? Rogers is f’d they actually state that their 100mb data plan is for “people waiting for the bus”. Lol.

    • Shuwaiyeb K

      I have absolutely no clue what a Hero device is.

  • Rich

    Moto X suddenly became irrelevant (even more so)

    • neodoru

      Not necessarily. If the previous rumors are true, you’ll be able to get an unlocked one from Google play store at under 300$.

    • JayVyari

      Under $300 probably without customization. They’ll probably add another $100-$200 for whatever you choose to customize such as engraving, colored backs, etc.

      Remember, this device is probably where Google wants to MAKE money off hardware. Their nexus line is just to get more people to use Google products.

    • neodoru

      Nexus line is an example of how android should be (no manufacturer uses the vanilla android 🙂 ) and it’s more geek oriented.
      I doubt google will get too greedy with the first phone they release, but it would be absurd to argue with you on data we don’t have… we’ll see on July 11th.

    • Ali

      Moto X is very close to stock android

    • Ali

      customization wont cost you extra.

    • Guest

      we have an expert here people.

    • EvanKrosney

      Google may sell the phone for under $300, but add custom backs or engravings and you’ll be looking to possibly add a few hundred more. That’s where they’ll make their profits. That being said though, you don’t have to add those on. The Nexus 4 doesn’t offer then and it’s an excellent device.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Most definitely agree.

      Nothing kills your devices reach to grab customers like a carrier exclusive. That was the dumbest move ever. For me, the Moto X is not even on the map now.

      I’m very surprised Google.

  • Walter

    Rogers? Really? What waste of a good phone.

    • Plazmic Flame

      We don’t know if it’s a good phone yet since rumors state it’s specs are mid range but the carrier exclusive is definitely a bad move.

    • Plazmic Flame

      We don’t know if it’s a good phone yet since rumors state it’s specs are mid range but the carrier exclusive is definitely a bad move.

    • Anthony

      For now, Samsung is pretty much king on Android phones. Not such a bad move when being exclusive means Motorola won’t be sinking if it doesn’t sell well. The carrier will be carrying a load of the loss if something happens.

    • hyperhyper

      It doesn’t matter if it is a good phone or not. The fact that it is tied to Rogers automatically makes it not desirable because you have to deal with Rogers, their overpriced services and all the invisible strings that some people love to be attached to.

    • bigshynepo

      Rogers really isn’t priced any differently than Bell and Telus. If they were much higher price, they wouldn’t be the biggest wireless company in canada (based on subscribers).

      At least 9.7 million people will be happy the X phone is coming to Rogers, as for the rest of you, it’ll be on your carriers soon if you still want it.

      Now, who gets google glass exclusivity??? 😀

  • silver_arrow

    Come on! Well hopefully they also sell it in the Play Store. Frankly if they could get it on all the US carriers they could of gotten it on all the ones up here.

    • Sehti Maharaji

      Nope. In Canada there is significantly more government regulation (which is the reason that we have the highest cell phone rates in the world and close to the worst service) that makes it extremely difficult for any new carrier to set up shop and actually lower prices, and for US companies like Google to actually make good products and sell them here…

    • silver_arrow

      Actually it’s more like Rogers paid them a lot of money to have it be an exclusive

  • Darth Paton

    Rogers will promote this thing for 2 days and than banish it to the depths of their web page, just like they did with the Motorola Razr HD.

    • Eduardo

      Or the Lumia…
      This really sucks

    • Darth Paton

      Here’s to hoping that Google puts this up in the Play Store!

  • jackjiarocks

    Dont worry guys.. I am sure Google will sale them at the Playstore. 🙂

    • silver_arrow

      I hope so…

    • jackjiarocks

      If they ever want MOTO to see the surface of air in canada, they better be

    • Dimitri

      How can you be so sure? I doubt it as if its a Rogers exclusive, they will not do it. Remember, carriers pay for the phones to be exclusive to them, not anyone else even for the manufacture them selfs. Only time will tell but you can not sure for sure it will be on Google Play without knowing.

    • jackjiarocks

      If Google is THAT stupid….

    • kEiThZ

      Carrier exclusive. Google Play isn’t a carrier.

  • selonmoi

    Yay. A carrier exclusive. That’ll do well.

    Most anticipated or most forgettable?

  • MXH070

    Finally the illustrious Google Motorola X phone the be all and end all super phone that will crush all the competition so said Google and Motorola. Hmmmm looks like all we are going to hear is a monstrous “THUD” when it flops. Toooooooooooooooooo many android devices in the market already can we say over saturation what is there now like 400+ different android devices to chose from already.

    • Darren

      It’s looking pretty lower mid-range from here. When will a manufacturer cater to what we, the geeky high-end consumers are actually looking for? The HTC One didn’t have it, the Galaxy S4 missed it, and this one sure doesn’t.

    • Henry

      What are you looking for that the s4 doesn’t offer? Just curious..

    • Darren

      Onboard storage options and Nexus-like updates.

    • Sam Wiggans

      Then get a Google Edition S4 or HTC One..

    • David Fulde

      Since when was a Tegra 4i, 4.7 inch 1080P display midrange? (All rumoured)

    • kroms

      Right because we all want LESS Choices in life not more.
      WE need more Iphone? and or Windows phones ?

      The only THUD you are going to hear is that of the sound of BB hitting the door on the way out.

    • Supa_Fly

      Says the guy who wants BB hitting the floor to exit the market. And you claim you want choices? Huh, funny how that goes when its in your favor of smartphone choice 😉

      Last time I checked BB didn’t require a $12.5Billion bailout like Motorola did – and those patents that seemed to be worth it didn’t even pan out to being worth $5 billion against Microsoft and Apple ~ very poor purchase by Google.

      Honestly I’m looking forward to see/holding this phone vs the black HTC One (hope I can find that in 64GB size here in Canada).

  • ToniCipriani

    Yes because it worked sooooo well for Sony…

  • neodoru

    “NVIDIA Tegra 4i processor, 16MP camera” – wow, this would be great. I really hope the dual core, 10MP camera rumor was just a rumor!

  • Plazmic Flame

    LTE Max is a lie.

    I would like to see the watchdog of the industry stop the senseless naming scheme which will and already has, confuses the Canadian masses. Jesus.

    • hardy83

      It’s not so much an communications industry watchdog that needs to step in on these stupid terms, it would be a ad standards body like the CRTC or ACS.

      Yes, the CRTC is also a body that manages advertising standards, and I think they are good at that, but when it comes to communications marketing, ironically, they just let them do whatever misleading marketing they want.

      My favourite is the blatant misuse of the word “unlimited”. Offer 100 minutes and 50MB, but offer unlimited texted, well that’s okay! Cause you can call the whole plan unlimited and plaster “unlimited” in the largest font on the ads.

      What about speeds? Oh it’s cool that you can advertise the fastest possible THEORETICAL speeds that are only attainable in controlled labs as what the Internet plan offers…Because you say “up to”.
      It’s totally fine that you can, in nationwide ads that your Internet is the “fastest” because in unreadable small print you state that it was a speed test done within a half a block radius in the city you have the most cables installed.


    • Techie01

      How is it a Lie? they are the only ones that have 2600 spectrum combined with 2100 gives them 30 Mhz of Spectrum versus others that have only 10Mhz. on 2100. More bandwidth equal faster more consistent speed, get some education on wireless networks instead of being a troll. The Term max is a term for LTE advanced Just Rogers Claim to it . Just like Bell calling there network the “The Best” so they can’t get sued for saying they have “The Best ” network.

    • Anthony

      You are trying to give facts that people don’t know or read. All people know are if they can’t get LTE in basement or underground parking, it’s the carrier’s fault. We need towers being put on every houses!

  • Ken K.

    Nothing kills the buzz faster than the word “Rogers Exclusive”. yuck.

    • Henry

      Unless someone is on Rogers, like the 10+ million that are.

    • Tedd

      Unless you have a sweet retention plan, or get an employee discount, you are getting ripped off, and deserve it, for not doing your homework.

    • Henry

      Your reply is useless to me but I’ll respond anyway. I have 2 smartphones, unlimited Canada wide calling and MMS, 6 gb data, Caller ID etc and I pay $100 a month. Go away with your Rogers hate, nobody out there pays less than I do.

    • Anthony

      I hope Fido gets it as well. Fido belongs to Rogers. ***crossing my fingers***

  • Justin B

    Bah. Hope the people here mentioning a Google Play version are right…not prepared to change carriers…been with Telus a long time and no interest in giving that up.

    • hyperhyper

      Out of the big 3, I’ve always considered Telus is the lesser of the 3 evils. Trust me, you don’t want to go to Rogers. Their network may be only good thing about their company which is fine until you have to deal with customer service who, I swear, are trained to lie and say ANYTHING to you just to get you to sign up for 3 more years. Once you are locked in, they renege on their said deals and you have no recourse.

  • southerndinner

    The best marketing would be to make it not fail like all Moto smart phones

    • Henry

      Clever, you could be the next Steve Jobs.

  • jb

    At&t in us will also get an “exclusive” version…how its different from the other carriers I don’t know, bit it will come to all us carriers anyways…so don’t be surprised if its the same deal in Canada

  • sicsicpuppy

    Wow , the X became irrelevant faster than the iPhone 5S

    Guess will wait for the Note 3

  • timbro1

    Rogers can’t compete with quality service or reasonable prices so they have to get exclusive hardware….

  • God

    Carrier exclusives died a while ago… catch up.

  • Ali

    Got a chance to play with Moto X, it has a curved back which fits the hand perfectly. Don’t expect fancy software on this one as its close to stock Android experience. Nothing that will blow your mind but some of features are carefully thought and built into the hardware. The battery life is almost 22 hours. This will be a fully customisable phone, you can pick the color, capacity, wallpapers and can easily migrate your phone content to this new phone.
    I really liked the gesture features, its a thumbs up from me.

  • Tien Ngo

    Is this only exclusive at launch? Interested but not switching to Rogers.